Sir Alf Ramsey

This is the latest Dahlia in my collection, the large lilac flowered Sir Alf Ramsey.

Whilst quite a small plant this year it’s producing 3 or 4 large blooms and will be a real stunner in the Dahlia border next year.

For the first time in ages I watched GW last night and actually saw a couple of jobs that I could be getting on with over the weekend. So this morning the summer fruiting raspberries have been organised by removing last years canes that bore this years fruit and tieing in this years new growth which will bear next years fruit. There was about four new stems per plant once I removed the weaker growth and about 25 stems in all which should give a decent crop of fruit next year. They’ll be joined by half a dozen autumn fruiting plants that I’ll move over once they finished cropping.

And I realised that I should be removing some of the stems from my celeriac which are starting to bulb up. It’s the first year I’ve grown them after being given some seedlings from a friend on our Hort Soc committee. They’ve done really well and now by removing the stems this will hopefully encourage the bulb-end to swell further.

Whatever jobs you decide to get on with this weekend I hope you have a good one!


15 responses to “Sir Alf Ramsey

  1. Co-incidentally I cut out the old canes from our raspberries last week although I still may have some thin stems to cut out.

  2. That’s a beautiful dahlia. My first flower has just opened and it is a lovely dark red with yellow in the middle (D. tartarus)

  3. That’s a good looking dahlia. I hope that you’ve had a good weekend!

  4. When I saw the title of your post, I thought you had been writing about football! That Dahlia looks fabulous – though perhaps a bit less “masculine” than I remember the real Sir Alf being… Nice celeriac, by the way. It looks bigger than mine. Have you done anything special to it? I mean, used any special feriliser, or anything?

    • A tentative football link with the internationals being played this weekend Mark. Yes I was expecting something a bit bolder too, but it’s another shape and colour to the collection. The celeriacs going well, I’ve not done anything special, there’s a bit of muck under them and plenty of water. I only started removing the foliage when seeing it on GW, I didn’t realise this helps the bulbs swell.

  5. I thought GW was jolly good this week. Lots of great tips from the Lord of Cord, although I’m not growing celeriac but might do next year now!

    • I enjoyed it this week Carolyn, there’s been a lack of veg tips recently so was good to have a few this week particularly when I’m growing soft fruit and celeriac. Haven’t eaten any yet though so I’m hoping I like it!

  6. Another lovely dahlia. I’ve still only got one flowering, though there’s buds on another so that should come in to flower soon. I’ve never grown celeriac but your’s are looking very healthy. I though Gardeners World was really good this week.

  7. No summer fruiting raspberries to cut back but I need to get on a nurture my one celeriac plant. My dahlias have been pretty pants this year, I think due to the dry weather early on. Ah well, there is always next year, assuming I can coddle them through the winter this time!

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