What’s Up Doc? Revisited……

Last year you may remember my pathetic attempt at growing carrots. Well this year I think I’ve cracked it. Why? Well last month I pulled my best ever carrots for my Summer Show.

And ahead of tomorrow nights NVS Hampshire District Association mini-show I thought I’d pull the 3 long carrots I had growing in the pipes. I meant to pull these for my local show but decided to enter some smaller ones and leave these for the DA show. So they are 1 month overdue but I was really pleased with the results.

Don’t get me wrong there’s a few things wrong with them from a showing perspective, like a blind date you’ve met in a bar there’s plenty of imperfections when you get up close to ’em! But after years of trying in vain I can finally say I’ve grown a few decent carrots this year at last!!


15 responses to “What’s Up Doc? Revisited……

  1. Carrots? The boy done good!

    • Thanks Richard they’re not bad for a first attempt. They’re 9 inches round the shoulder and 38 inches long – had trouble getting them out of the pipes so need to re-think that for next year!

  2. I think you can safely claim to have cracked carrot growing Damo – though I’m curious, was it worth all the hassle of the pipes, the sand etc? Will you do the same next year?

    • Thanks very much Janet. I have caught the showing bug so will definitely carry on next year. And once it’s set up early in the year, before the main March madness starts, I’ve just kept them watered so they’ve been quite low maintenance.

  3. Damo, they are cracking mate especially for your first attempt
    You should be proud
    I better watch out now, especially now you have caught the bug
    Hope you get something tomorrow mate

  4. Great looking carrots Damo. Mine are good enough to eat but would never win a show.

  5. Congratulations 🙂

  6. Well done! I’m more determined than ever to grow some half decent ones next year.

  7. You’ve done really well with them, worth the effort.

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