NVS Hampshire D.A. Show

Following on from my last post when I showed you my latest carrot growing success I put the 3 long carrots on the showbench at our NVS Hampshire DA mini-show last night. It was really interesting to hear newly appointed NVS Chairman Barry Newman’s expert judging feedback and he gave my carrots some favourable comments and 2nd place to Mr Blick’s superb set that also took overall best in show. Considering it’s my first attempt and I only had 3 long carrots to choose from I’m pretty happy with that. Pictured below you can see how great Darren’s set is and they would have graced any showbench at any level. No wonder he’s smiling and a nice little trophy for the mantlepiece too! You can follow Darren’s progress over at Blicky’s Blog.

So that’s it for this season. Good luck to all those entering the Midland Championship at Malvern a week on Saturday. Next year it’ll be an all out assault on the NVS Southern Championship at the New Forest & Hampshire County Show for me. I’m going to busy over the winter planning for that!!


9 responses to “NVS Hampshire D.A. Show

  1. Thanks mate and well done on second place
    Yours were bloody good and as you say considering you only had 3 to choose from to get 3 and they were of that quality, truly unbelievable
    Looks like the us new Southern boys will be taking over Bob’s fight at our Southern Championships for years to come

  2. Wow stunning carrots, and yours looked great too, a well deserved second place. Sounds as though you two will have all the prizes tied up across the southern counties next year! 🙂

  3. I can tell you’ve really caught the showing bug. Congratulations on second place.

  4. Hi Damo, I’m always gobsmacked when I visit your blog !!! everything you do seems to work and it’s amazing how much you grow and it all looks great.
    Where do you find the time to work the garden, raised beds, shared allotment etc and go to work ???? I have just read the post down to the blistered arm (ouch !) and it’s all good.

    • Hi Maureen, thanks that’s very kind of you. I have been working long hours in the last 3 weeks so the blog and garden have taken a back seat. I find being out on the plot very therapeutic so I’m always happy to be doing something outside and I’m lucky that I have the space at home to do it.

  5. Those carrots…. WOW!

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