Clearing Up

With the season drawing to a close the main jobs this weekend have been clearing up around the plot. All the beans and most of the tomatoes have come to an end now. Still going strong are the mangetout, courgette, beetroot, kale, brussel sprouts and parsnips with cabbages and PSB to follow over the winter. Up at the shared plot there’s more beetroot and parsnips plus carrots, squash, brussels, savoy and winter cabbages. And there’s plenty of potatoes, onions and shallots in store.

Dwarf green kale.

Purple sprouting broccoli plants are around four foot high and looking healthy despite a whitefly invasion.

In the greenhouse are the last of the peppers with some potted-on strawberry runners, and some onions and shallots drying out.

And I’ve just been offered a half plot at the local village allotments so my expansion plans are now well underway and the drive to veg self-sufficiency almost complete!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.


16 responses to “Clearing Up

  1. We are doing the same thing, squash were picked yesterday in case we get a sudden frost.

  2. Looking at that greenhouse, looks like it’s needs a good clear out lol

  3. On my agenda for this week 🙂 Now the pigs have all gone and the meat all dealt with it’s time to tend the veggies again. We have a courgette in the polytunnel that thinks it’s a triffid! 😉

    • Hi Mo, we’ve taken delivery of a half pig from our next door neighbour and are looking forward to some tasty meals over the next few months. The courgettes have gone a bit mad this year haven’t they!

  4. Congratulations on the allotment plot, you’ll be starting the next gardening year with enough land to grow everything you want now. Sounds like you’ve still got plenty cropping, and plenty to come too.

  5. Well done on the new half plot! All I’ve still got in the ground are a few beetroot. My digging and general tidying are thankfully well under way, and should be all done before it gets too cold and wet.

  6. Just harvested a wonderful pumpkin from the seeds you sent me-rouge vif d’etampes(?). Sadly only one, but really heavy and a wonderful shape and colour-just like yours in the picture! Did you grow any this year?

    • Hi Jan, great to hear you got a pumpkin. They’re not the most prolific variety but are a lovely pumpkin when you do manage to get one. I grew some on from seed but sold them at our plant sale and just ended up with one solitary pumpkin from an unknown variety. Not a great year for me with pumpkin and squash, may have been the damp/cold summer as quite a few fruits rotted off the vine.

  7. Good heavens Damo, you will soon have the equivalent of a smallholding, just spread out a bit! Lovely healthy looking veg.

  8. Lovely, healthy-looking crops you’ve got there!

    Wish I could get my greenhouse looking so tidy… Looks like a bomb’s hit it at the moment! 😀

  9. Congrats on getting your plot, although how you fit it all in I’ll never figure out, but you do and do it so well too ! I have lot’s of ‘Pink giraffe’ tubers dug up ready to store for the winter, and still more to come up, so I’m sure I will be able to send you a few to get you started on multiplying some too. As soon as they dry out a bit I will send some.

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