We’ve just come back from a wonderful weekend away with friends in Bristol. We had glorious weather, the end of an Indian summer, and travelled up on the train on Friday morning staying for two nights in the Royal Marriott and Spa hotel (thanks Mr Tesco!). The hotel was perfectly located close to the harbour in the city centre and we enjoyed a lovely room and a great breakfast.

The photos are just a few of the things we saw. The famous Bristol grafitti artist Banky’s work on Frogmore Street, Bristol Cathedral, the harbourside, Brunel’s SS Great Britain and Cabot’s ship The Matthew.

We had great views over the city from Cabot Tower and excellent shopping at Cabot circus. Food at Jamie Oliver’s Italian and the Nepalese restaurant Kathmandu.

With loads to see and do I’d recommend Bristol to anyone wanting a weekend break. We’ll be back!


5 responses to “Bristol

  1. Glad you enjoyed your weekend Damo, you certainly picked the best location to stay in, I love the area around the harbour and the bridge.

  2. Hubby travels to Bristol quite often for work, but he never sees anything outside the office, what a shame he misses all this. Glad to hear you enjoyed the weekend.

  3. Nice to see some of Bristol’s highlights. I worked there for years but only really got to know the walk to/from the station that well. It’s great to return and get to know the city proper these days 🙂

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  5. Good to see that you had a good weekend. It’s a place that I’ve always enjoyed visiting.

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