Quick Cook Composting Part 2

Regular readers will remember that I finally got round to building a proper compost heap at the end of August, using the Quick Compost method that I’d learnt during a talk by gardening expert Ray Broughton.

Well after 3 months it’s full and ready for the final layer of soil and fertiliser before I leave it to cook down over the winter. I’ve been amazed at how much material I’ve been able to cram into this four foot square space. Virtually everything from the garden and plot has gone in, I’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already got a compost area. By April I’m hoping to have some lovely compost to spread around the plot and allotment.

And I’ve also taken delivery of 8 75litre bags of Levington’s F2+S which will go into my carrot mix for next year’s assault on the NVS Southern Championship at the New Forest Show. Fingers crossed!


18 responses to “Quick Cook Composting Part 2

  1. It will be really interesting to see how this works.

  2. My quick-cook compost method involves a plastic compost-bin and huge quantities of worms – which just move in of their own accord. In fact I have so many worms that I have trouble keeping them fed. I poke a few air-holes in the material from time to time, but otherwise just leave the worms to get on with digesting it. I always seem to get good coompost though – nice and dark and crumbly – and two “crops” a year.

    • Sounds good Mark, I’m interested to see if this method works as it’s worm-free just relying on heat. My other heap is just a bin on soil so is full of worms but not sure how many nutrients are leaching out.

  3. Hi Damo….. Great Blog…… Could I ask you where you sourced your Levington’s F2? i’m on the chase for large Carrots myself this year…..

  4. Hope it works for you. It’s funny how we gardeners get all excited over compost.

  5. I need to revisit my composting; I have two daleks, but they’ve not been the success I was hoping for!

  6. I am really looking forward to seeing how this works out Damo, I love the idea, but am happy for you to play guinea pig 😉

  7. It’ll be interesting to see what your black gold is like when you turn it out next spring.
    As for carrots good for you, and I’ll be trying to grow even half decent ones as ever!

  8. Yep, liking this one, Damo. I have so much garden waste that can’t get composted for lack of space (I have a small ‘beehive’ composter that takes kitchen peelings and veg leaves, etc) so I’m very taken with your method. If it works, I know just the space – on paving slabs! – hidden away round the corner from the veg patch.

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