I like lists. And here’s the veg seeds I currently have in stock (or will have in the next month). As there’s 43 types of veg and over 100 varieties I’m not saying I’ll grow all of them this year but I’ll give it a go!

Is there anything that would be on your list year on year without fail?

Asparagus Pea
Aubergine Bonica F1
Beetroot Boltardy
Beetroot Burpee’s Golden
Beetroot Pablo
Broad Beans Bunyon’s Exhibition
Brocolli Early Purple Sprouting
Brocolli Late Purple Sprouting
Brocolli Early White Sprouting
Brocolli Sprouting Redhead
Brokali Apollo
Brussel Sprout Bedford
Cabbage Golden Acre Primo
Cabbage Pixie
Cabbage Offenham 2
Cabbage Ramco
Calabrese Aquiles F1
Cauliflower Snowball A
Cauliflower Deakin F1
Cauliflower Cornell
Carrot Royal Chatenay Red
Carrot Nantes Frubund
Carrot Sweet Candle
Carrot Early Nantes
Carrot Early Nantes 2
Carrot Amsterdam Forcing 3
Carrot Amsterdam 3 Sprint
Carrot Early Nantes 5
Carrot (Long) New Red Intermediate
Celeriac Brilliant
Celery Loretta
Chard Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Chilli Pepper Cayenne
Chilli Pepper Jalapeno
Climbing French Bean Sultana
Courgette F1 Orelia
Courgette F1 Defender
Courgette Black Beauty
Cress Curled
Cucumber F1 Carmen
Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Firetongue
Dwarf French Bean Purple Teepee
Dwarf French Bean Pencil Pod Black Wax
Dwarf French Bean Prince
Dwarf French Bean Sprite
Garlic Purple Wight
Herb Summer Savoury
Herb Chives
Herb Parsley
Herb Oregano
Herb Coriander
Herb Chervil
Herb Rosemary
Herb Dill
Herb Basil
Herb Thyme
Jerusalem Artichoke Unknown
Kale Dwarf Green Curled
Kale Scarlet
Leek Porvite
Leek Lyon 2 Prizetaker
Lettuce Artic King
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Lollo Rosso
Lettuce Webb’s Wonderful
Lettuce Tom Thumb
Lettuce Winter Density
Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod
Okra Clemson’s Spineless
Onion Red Baron (red)
Onion Globo
Onion Toughball
Onion (set) Radar
Onion (set) Electric (red)
Onion (set) Troy F1
Onion (set) Hercules F1
Onion (set) Centurion F1
Parsnip F1 Picador
Parsnip Exhibition
Parsnip Gladiator
Potatoes Charlotte
Potatoes Pink Fir Apple
Potatoes NVS Amour
Potatoes Salad Blue
Potatoes Nadine
Potatoes Kestrel
Potatoes Blue Belle
Pumpkin Rouge Vif d’Etanps
Radish French Breakfast 3
Radish Albena
Red Orache
Rocket Va-Va Voom
Rocket Runway
Rocket Wild Rocket
Runner Bean Moonlight
Runner Bean Stenner
Savoy Cabbage January King 3
Shallot Hative di Niort
Shallot Jermor
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Spring Onion Paris Silverskin
Swede Invitation
Sweetcorn Lark F1 Hybrid
Tomatillo Purple de Milpa
Tomato Gardener’s Delight
Tomato Tumbling Tom Red
Tomato Golden Peardrop
Tomato Marmande
Tomato F1 Incas
Tomato Moneymaker


23 responses to “Lists

  1. We are just working on our list now – it’s really difficult to restrain yourself isn’t it. Are you growing any flowers from seed.

  2. No Trombonchino?

    I will deffo be growing Filderkraut again. I had one head which was eaten with Christmas dinner weigh in at over 4kg! The cabbage is sweet and light, and makes a change from the heavier (but still delicious) savoys. I am also retrying salsify.

    The Jerusalem artichokes, however, are being dug out for good. I just end up with way too many, and the freezer is well stocked. I did have a bunch of neighbours take some of the surplus, but after one go they seem less than interested in the intestinal storms for a second time!

    I also harvested the two-year old horseradish. It took the enamel off my teeth!!!

  3. LOL! That’s some list there Damo :0 Just how much space have you got?

  4. I don’t know about taking on an allotment plot, I think you’ll need to take on the whole site to grow that lot. I scaled down my seed stash last year, it makes it much easier to find what I’m looking for.

  5. Are you setting yourself up as rival to the National Seed Bank, or what???
    On my list every year is the Climbing French Bean “Cobra”. I don’t think it can be beaten. Also Tomato “Ferline”.

  6. Are you trying to set yourself up as a rival to the National Seed Bank or what??? On my list every year is Climbing French Bean “Cobra”. I don’t think it can be beaten. Also, Tomato “Ferline”.

  7. That’s an impressive list!

    My must have list includes White beetroot, Fennel and at least a couple of Kales.

    • Sue – yes lots of flowers from seed, that’s a whole separate list! A future post……….

      IG – not after the chronic case of nob rot last year, if I see one at the Village Plant Sale in May I will be tempted to give it another go. The Filderkraut sounds good, I’m growing Ramco for the New Forest Show which should be pretty big and keep the whole village in cabbage for a few weeks! I haven’t dug up this season’s Jerusalem’s yet and am running out of enthusiasm for them so they may get struck off.

      Rob- not enough for all that lot, we’ll see!

      Jo – I know what you mean I’m sure I’ll miss something in the confusion of dozens of seed packets!

      Mark – Cobra is a great variety, I’ve grown it for a couple of years, I liked Sultana as well and have loads of seeds left from last year. Never tried Ferline so I’ll look out for that one.

      Amy – thanks, never seen white beetroot, it may be another one to add to my list!

  8. Wow, that’s quite a list! My must-haves are Kestrel potatoes, Delinel French beans, Moneta cucumbers, Angelle tomatoes (saved seeds from Sainsburys and by far the best I’ve ever grown!), White Gem parsnips, claytonia/miner’s lettuce, asparagus, Thelma Sanders winter squash and Bright Lights chard. Have been promising myself I’d try orache – thanks for the reminder!

  9. Amazing list. We’ll be trying Rouge Vif d’Etamps for the first time this year, the seeds arrived a month or so ago… Sakura F1 and Shirley have proved themselves time and again as our greenhouse tomatoes of choice. Each year I add another one or two as well, but so far none has been good enough to make a second appearance. I will try some Marmande outdoors this year though.
    Wishing you a very happy New Year.
    S x

    • Nome – that’s a pretty good list too. Bar Kestrel and Bright Lights I’ve not heard of those varieties. I shall look out for them.

      hillwards – that’s certainly a good tomato recommendation. I enjoyed the pumpkins and saved seed for another go this year. Happy New Year.

      • Ah was that the only type of squash you grew this year? I saved seed from our Crown Prince last year, which grew alongside various other pumpkin/squash varieties, then discovered that squashes are completely promiscuous and the seeds don’t come true…

  10. It was the only one I grew in the garden the others were at the shared plot so I’m hoping the seeds will come true unless one of my neighbours has an extensive pumpkin patch I wasn’t aware of.

  11. WOW; that my friend is a list!
    I was going to ask about flowers but that’s been covered, another list to look forward to 🙂 Goodness you are thinking big this year again – best of luck xx

    • Thanks very much Carrie, I aim high and if I grow half of this lot it will have been a good year. Look out for the flower list coming soon!

  12. I’m with Jo, Damo. I’m seed sorting so that I can pass on the ones I’m not going to bother with this year (and the duplicates!). I’ll always grow beetroot though (trying Merlin this year, along with Cheltenham green tops and perfect 3) and a new (to me) spaghetti squash. I dread to think what my finished list will be like but I’ll squeeze it all in somewhere!

    • I agree and any that are surplus to requirements (with a long shelf life) will go to Project Uganda (link on the sidebar of my blog) – there are people from our village that go out there every year to help with a grow your own project which I think is a great cause and a good home for any unwanted seeds!

      I find you always find the room!!

  13. John Martin (Hoss)

    I thought it was a garden/allotment you had not a friggin veg farm. WoW i thought i grew a lot of stuff. Good Luck

  14. Goodness me what a long list! I’m planning on fewer varieties for the dozen or so vegetables that I grow.

  15. That’s a long list, although if you have the space go for it! I’m only growing vegetables in containers this year, so any small variety would suit me. I’d definitely grow any variety of tumbling tomato. Any recommendations Damo for varieties suitable to grow in a contained area?

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