2012 Projects

There are a few projects on my mind for this year. Regular readers will remember I had some success at this last year.  And I finally got round to building a proper compost bin and took on my shared plot in the next village. I even grew some long carrots and parsnips in pipes for the first time. So what’s on the cards for 2012?

  • A covered potting area – I currently have 2 options for potting on, either on the bench in the greenhouse or in the workshop at the back to the garage.  In between the end of the garage and the greenhouse is a 8 foot square area which is north facing, so has no real growing potential as it’s shaded by the garage and is just gravelled at the moment with a log pile and compost bin.  The project is to build a covered area with two sides that will house a bench for potting and store compost bags etc underneath and have space to store logs down the side.  With easy access to the greenhouse and back garden it would be ideal and allow me to do some useful in those winter and spring nights were you still need a bit of shelter to be comfortable.  A great way of increasing the usable space in the garden and relatively low cost as well.  Not a simple project though (for me) so I’m hoping my Dad will be on hand to assist!
  • Extend the compost bin and have a cage for leaf mould.
  • Get the new half allotment into shape and add some well rotted manure to the shared plot to improve the soil.
  • Dedicate a small area for the children to grow stuff.
  • Be more wildlife friendly – a few bird boxes and places for bees etc.
  • Add more to the Hort Soc website and blog (I am now Treasurer as well so I hope the books will balance at the end of the year!).
  • An Asparagus bed up at the allotment.
  • Sort the two lawns out – they’re a bit of a mess and need some attention this year to get rid of the worst of the moss and weeds.  I don’t want a Titchmarsh standard  lawn but something that looks less like a field will do!

I’m hoping that by writing this stuff down I’ll actually get round to doing it.  Time will tell!

So what garden projects do you have planned?


17 responses to “2012 Projects

  1. So what will you do in your spare time?

    • haha there’ll still be the odd football match to watch. Although I’ve started to listen to 5 live on a portable radio so I can get jobs done while the match is on!

  2. Right I can sort one of those out for you right away! You don’t need to go to the expense and time of making a leaf mould cage: get yourself a left over cubic metre builders sack that they deliver sand, soil, etc. in. It works just as well as a leaf cage in my opinion, I use a couple of them and the leaves rot down just as well as they did in a cage.

    I put some stakes in the corners to keep it upright for ease of filling, but once full it holds itself up. It retains the moisture well so you don’t need to water it as often as a cage and it’s easier to get the fork in the give it a turn over everynow and again, which helps them break down.

    If I’m going down to the plot when there’s a game I want to listen to I always take my old freeplay radio with me – it’s got a solar panel that works in most daylight or a winder for when it’s really cloudy! It’s also built like a brick so I can drop it, cover it in mud, etc and it still works 😉

    • Brilliant idea Rob and I’ve got two of ’em in the garage, thought they’d come in handy one day, and I have a spot that I can put them up in and leave nature to take her course. Cheers!

      Your radio sounds just the job, I’ve got an old one which takes rechargable batteries, a bit rusty but still working!

  3. John Martin (Hoss)

    Hey Bud

    You seem to be taking on alot best of luck with that. My Main aim this year is to get my tatties up to standard so that I can exhibit some at the Scottish Branch and the Scottish Championships along with one other exhibit. Hope it is shallots but who knows might take a few things along to see how far out i am, never been at a top quality show and we dont have a NVS DA where I live ( although watch this space)

    • Good luck John, it was an experience when I went to the Southern with Darren last year and I won’t be as worried about benching exhibits now as I would have been if I hadn’t seen it. There was a range of standards and an RHS Open side which a lot of the NVS members put either their seconds into or ones that they don’t think are good enough to win at NVS level. I would encourage anyone to enter as the more entries the better the class. And good luck with the DA!

  4. So when you finish all that what are you going to do!

  5. I’d love a dedicated potting area. I can’t even pot on in the greenhouse as it’s too small.

  6. That’s quite a list. I’m with Jo I’d love a potting area. I have a shed but it is very small and stuffed to the gills so I invariably do my seed sowing and potting on whilst sat on compost bags outside the shed. Not great for the back or the knees.

    My main challenge for 2012 is to get my allotment working as efficiently as possible. Last year was my first year so I want to try and learn how to cram as much as possible in.

    I’ve got a couple of problem areas in my garden that need tackling. I have a border where the hedge takes all the moisture from the soil which has made planting difficult so I’m hopefully going to sort that out this year.

    For small amounts of leaf mould I use plastic dustbins. I have found they dry out too quickly in cages and the biodegradable bags degrade a little too quickly. Old compost bags work well too. It just depends how big a supply of leaves you have.

    Best wishes for the New Year.

    • Sue – I’m going to put my feet up!

      Jo – hoping to get round to that one as it would be great to have a dedicated potting area as I find March/April such a manic time with all the pots and trays it would be good to have more space to get organised.

      Wellywoman – thanks and best wishes for the New Year. I don’t think my knees could take that! Good luck with your allotment I’m sure you’ll find more space with the right succession of planting. It’s all in the planning (says the worst planner of all!!). I have an 80ft beech hedge and a few trees so plenty of leaves to use up. I think I’ll try the builders sack idea that Rob had.

  7. If you achieve half of those things then you’ll have had a good year!

    I’m hoping to sort out the composting on my allotment, somehow the need to put those weeds somewhere always overwhelms the sensible part of me that says don’t put them on the compost heap, I have an ever growing weed mountain that I don’t dare return to my allotment. So, 2 new compost bins have been ordered and I’m hoping they will remain strictly veg waste only – fingers crossed!

    • Thanks Amy hopefully I’ll get them all done. I put all weeds (apart from bineweed) into my compost bin – I’m using a method were the heat generated in the heap should kill all weeds. I’m following a method learnt from an expert at one of our Hort Soc talks and will hopefully have some good compost come spring.

  8. That sure is an impressive list so good luck in achieving them all.
    I actually have nothing planned for this year as the few things I wanted to do I got done during the autumn.

  9. Hi there, just stumbled across your site via UK Veg Gardeners and hoping that I can pick up a few tips from your site, be it via your posts and your also the comments your readers give.

    I don’t have much room but want to get myself started not just for me but the children as well so I’ll be coming back here on a regular basis thats for sure as you have a great site!

  10. Sorry, I posted under the wrong account it should be this one – oops

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