Potato Days

UKVG readers will know that I have been seeking their advice on what seed potatoes to purchase this year.

Last year I visited the Hampshire Potato Day at Whitchurch which was excellent with 100s of varieties of potatoes plus onion sets, shallots, garlic and various stalls selling seeds etc. Well worth a trip and I shall be popping down there again on Saturday 29th January. For more info visit their site.

Then I started looking for other events locally and was amazed to find they are popping up all over the place – here’s a list of ones that I can reach within a 40 minute drive for example.

And the great thing about them is I can buy single tubers (were normally from seed companies you have to buy at least 10) so I can try out new varieties and have a greater selection.

So here’s what I’m going for:

First Early – Arran Pilot
Second Early – Charlotte
Maincrop – Pink Fir Apple

I will also be growing Kestrel and Blue Belle for show (and eating) as well as Winston (as I’ve heard some people like the taste so I thought I’d give it a try as it’s the no1 white potato on the showbench as well). Plus a few other single tuber purchases that take my fancy.

Most will be grown in 17 litre polypots that was quite successful last year although it’s important to keep up with the watering.

Well let me know what you think and if you are visiting a Potato Day near you that you can recommend.


13 responses to “Potato Days

  1. WE thought of going to our local potato day but never managed it last year – who knows we may try again.

  2. Damo, would you please be kind enough to offer some support to Adam at http://sladevalleyroots.blogspot.com ? I think he sounds like your sort of person, and I’m trying to encourage him to get into serious blogging – and Growing For Showing, in which field I know you are becoming expert…

    • Hi Sue hope you manage to make it along to one this year.

      Mark, thanks and of course – I’m now a follower and will check out his site tonight.

  3. I’m always interested in the potato varieties which people are growing. I’ve gone for Arran Pilot too, I grew it last year and it produced good yields in containers, and kept it’s shape well when boiled, I’ve had many potatoes in the past which just turn to mush. I thought the taste was really good too, and it has lovely white flesh.

  4. I was unimpressed by Arran Pilot. They were a bit tasteless and watery for my liking. I either like a lot of waxiness, or a big old floury carb-bath of starch.

    I’m buggered if I can find a potato day near me; it’s as if we are in a potato wilderness. The big Whitchurch one is 80 miles away, which is a bit rude!

    • Jo thanks a few people have said Arran Pilot tastes good so I thought it was worth a try although I may change my mind before the potato day!

      IG – spuds do seem to be the one veg that divide opinion, fingers crossed I’ll like them. Strange there isn’t one near you as there are loads of them near us, agree 80 miles is a bit far to go for a few spuds. A local garden centre near us is even having a spud week!!

  5. Pink Fir and Charlotte are lovely well recommended. Never grown the other one though!

  6. If anyone is up Yorkshire way on the 18th Feb please do stop in at our potato day. Details are:

    West Yorkshire Organic Group Potato Day
    Saturday the 18th February 2011
    Exhibition Hall
    Exhibition Road
    BD18 3JW.

    Admission is free, doors open at 10am. All tubers are 15p each. There will be stalls selling organic compost and a wide variety of organic seeds. Refreshments will be available. More than three dozen varieties, most of which are organic – including many heritage and speciality varieties not readily available in the shops.

    More information http://wyog.org/potato-day

  7. ratte potatoes made Mash that redefined the bar for me. If you do grow them, try to limit to three eyes to increase size of tubars. Boil with skin on, Then peel, then mash with milk, butter and seasoning. I defy anyone to say they have tasted better. these babies will become must grow once you have tried them.

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