More seeds……

After a chat with my friend I share a plot with in the next village I’ve come away with some more seeds. I think between us we could cultivate half of Wiltshire! So I’m consolidating our collections and planning what to grow. And there’s a few varieties I’ve not heard of:

Radish – Rudi, Sparkler 3
Cucumber – Stimora Mix F1, Marketmore, Paska F1
Courgette – Patriot F1
Lettuce – All the Year Round
Radicchio – Palla Rossa
Cabbage – Derby Day, Winnigstadt, Drago F1, Durham Early
Cauliflower – Goodman
Beetroot – Golden Detroit, Cylindra
Carrot – Merida F1, Autumn King 2
Leaf Beet – Canary Chard

If you’ve grown any of these varieties I’d be interested to hear what you thought of them.


13 responses to “More seeds……

  1. All Year Round are great lettuce, loose heads. I’ve done them twice, and the only downside is if its damp they rot quickly. If they do, just ignore them and they’ll come back to life soon enough. In fact, my zombie lettues were AYR.

    I tried some Autumn King carrots for a second sowing, and they came to nothing worth talking about!

  2. The only ones I have heard of is Derby Cabbage which is a good solid one and Autumn King 2 Carrots which are no different from any other standard late carrot

  3. I’ve grown Patriot courgettes, very similar to other green courgettes, I really can’t tell any difference between them all. I’ve also tried to grow Autumn King 2 carrots, but you’ll know that until last year I couldn’t get a carrot to grow so I can’t comment on those.

  4. At this rate you’ll only have room to grow one plant of each variety!

    I’ve grown Palla Rossa chicory in the past. It was OK, but it didn’t form really tight ball heads like it should have done. I’ve got some AYR lettuces on the go at present, under cloches. First time I’ve tried Winter lettuce; haven’t harvested any yet. Marketmore Cucumber has done really well for me (outdoors) until last year, but I think 2011 was a bad year all round for cucumbers.

    • IG – they sound good and having some zombie lettuce is a must for this season.

      Cheers Darren, sounds like Derby Day is a decent cabbage which is worth a go.

      Jo – thanks I can’t imagine any variety of green courgette being much different from the next so I’ll add these to my collection as the seed lasts for a while.

      Mark – I’ll be growing quite a lot for my Hort Soc plant sale in May at this rate! I don’t think I’ll bother with raddichio but will definitely try AYR and Marketmore. Thanks very much.

  5. Isobel McAllister

    Autumn King is a smashing main crop carrot, good yields and great taste. Sowing thinly gives them room to expand, and if you put them where you had spuds last year, there’ll be enough depth of well cultivated soil. I’ll be sowing some indoors next month in big deep pots which are stood in trays so I can water from below.

  6. We usually do really well with Autumn King but last year our carrots were poor due to being too dry.
    Like others we’ve also grown All Year lettuce but none of the others

  7. st vallery is a descent carrot ,but i must say you will find that sweet candle will take some beating weather it be for showing or kitchen.

  8. Damo, if you go into my blogg and go to older info you will see how i did with sweet candle carrots grow in pop bottles.

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