Medwyns order arrives

Today there was a welcome delivery on the doorstep, an order placed with Medwyns of Anglesey had arrived, the final piece for my show veg attempts this year.

After grinding up calcified seaweed last year (never again) I’ve invested in a bag of the powdered version which will go in the long carrot mix. There’s also some Nutrimate Gold, Perkla, SB Plant Invigorator (an expert at our Hort Soc Gardener’s Question Time swears by the stuff so I thought I’d give it a try), green split canes, plant support clips (for the onions), and some more seeds. Yes more seeds! Beetroot Pablo F1, Parsnip Gladiator, Stump Carrot Sweet Candle, Marrow Table Dainty (with Cabbage Ramco and Cauliflower Cornell to follow) and interestingly some free trial seed packs of courgette and stump carrot which I will try out.

And the last bit of shredding is finally complete. 8 bags of 75L F2S done.

So in the next couple of weeks I’ll be mixing and getting the pipes in ready for sowing mid-February. Whilst most sensible veg growers take it easy over December and January, those that want to show to a decent standard are kept pretty busy. Fingers crossed I’ll be exhibiting at the NVS Southern Championships at the New Forest & Hampshire County show this year. I already have the feeling of being behind after having a break over Christmas. Ah well I’m sure I’ll catch up. Have a good weekend everyone!


11 responses to “Medwyns order arrives

  1. WOW, Looks serious

  2. Will your veg be “Dope-tested” for steroids???

  3. Wow, looks more like a scientific experiment than veg growing! Good Luck.

    • Darren – it’s a serious business! 😉

      Mark – that’s a good idea. It’s only the long roots that get a bit of artificial help, the rest of the veg is powered by good old fashioned manure!

      Thanks Alison we’ll see what results it brings.

  4. You are going for it in a big way – do you camp out by your veg with a shotgun too once they are growing?

  5. That’s serious stuff. I hope you reap the rewards on show day.

  6. Wow, I thought you just hoped that the stuff grew big. man, they’re going to chase my arse out of the E&O show come August!

    • Jo fingers crossed I will!

      IG – 95% of the time I do just let the veg get on with it, a bit of muck and off we go. I’ve become a bit obsessed with growing long carrots over the last year or so but the total area is only a 6ft by 2ft raised bed, the rest of the beds in the garden, the shared plot and half allotment is just normal stuff.

  7. Good luck with the 2012 shows Damo, hope it is Olympic!!

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