Potato Day and a Load of Muck!

A busy day today. I took delivery of a pile of muck from a local farm, Stanleys, in the next village. He was round 10 minutes after my phone call in a JCB with a £20 load and a promise of more if I needed it. I’ll dig this in around the plot were it’s needed as it’s really well rotted stuff avoiding the areas where I’m planning to grow root veg.

After taking the girls swimming we drove up to Whitchurch for the 14th Hampshire Potato Day. Whilst they slept in the car I had a quick look round and bought my seed potatoes for the year plus a couple of bags of onions sets. There was around 150 varieties to choose from, many of which you could buy as single tubers. And good value with 2.5KG bags for between £3.50 and £4 or 15p per tuber (7 for £1), and bags of onions sets for a £1.

I bought three 2.5KG bags of Casablanca, Kestrel and Bonnie. And smaller bags of Arran Pilot, Charlotte, Lady Christl, Pink Fir Apple and Salad Blue. I’ll set them out in egg boxes later to chit.

The show varieties will be grown in 17litre polypot bags using Medwyns Potato Mix and whatever is left over will be in the ground at the shared plot or alloment. I can’t wait to get started.

Had a quick chat with Darren who was manning the NVS stand and then it was back home for the football……..


15 responses to “Potato Day and a Load of Muck!

  1. Re the cow muck: did you just ring up the farm and ask if you could buy some, or were they advertising it for sale?

    • It’s a local farm that sells compost and manure over quite a wide area by lorry. As I’m only 5 minutes away he brought it round in a JCB which meant I got a JCB bucket full for £20 which I didn’t think was bad at all. A full load is £45 but I don’t need that much.

  2. Our potatoes are in the greenhouse chitting but we are now a bit worried as a really cold few days have been forecast – so the potatoes may move into the garage to wait it out!

  3. It’s great to be able to buy potatoes by the tuber. It enables people to give more varieties a try than they would do usually. I might try and get to a potato day next year, especially as my hubby was just reading your post over my shoulder and thought it a good idea.

  4. Was a great day mate. You came at just the right time, when it was really quiet

    • There were so many different varieties Jo including organic and heritage I think it’s well worth it if you can get to one.

      Darren, I was amazed how quiet it was I didn’t have to queue this time.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day! That is a lovely looking pile of muck – I am beginning to worry about how I am going to get some dug in to the allotment, I’m not up to doing it myself, I shall have to bribe FIL I think…

  6. That muck looks really good stuff. I’m very envious. I got some seed potatoes from the local garden centre the other week. I don’t have the space for too many so I concentrate on Charlottes. I find them quite versatile, good as salad potatoes but they will stay in the ground a bit longer and get bigger and can be roasted then. Picked up some shallots on Saturday. Raring to go now, just hope this cold weather doesn’t last too long.

    • We had a smattering of snow here this morning, it started to settle in the next village which is higher up on a hill but was all gone by midday. Hopefully by the end of Feb things will start to warm up enough for some seeds to go in.

  7. You got your children to attend a potato day? Without bribery? I’m in awe.

    • They slept through it all in the car – good job as by the time I returned Emily had been sick. They did get dragged round last year and got a free potato each which placated them a bit but to try my luck a second time would have been too much!

  8. Hi Damo, it’s great to hear that you use Henry Stanley’s manure as well. I have had a 50 pound load for the past 3 years now ( 4 of us share so it only works out at 12.50 each and there is a huge amount) This keyboard on the Dell laptop my son passed onto me must be american as there is no pound sign to be found anywhere on it how annoying !!!!! I can’t believe that it isn’t hidden somewhere I must ask him.

    You seem to be as busy as usual, unlike myself ! I have only just got around to going up to the plot and having a clear up and that was only because of the manure delivery from Stanley’s. I haven’t forgotten about the Pink Giraffe dahlia tubers I said I would send you. They have all stored well in the garage in layers of newspaper, so I will try and get a couple off to you very soon.

    • Hi Maureen, the manure was very good and has been spread around liberally. I will be using them again particularly as they’re so close. Im starting to get back to full speed now the snow has gone and it’s slowly feeling like a new season has begun! Thanks for the Pink Giraffe, they look lovely in your blog photos. I didn’t lift mine this time just a very thick mulch of old potato compost but I’m hoping theyll be OK. All the best for the new season.

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