Daily Archives: February 12, 2012


With the plot frozen solid I’ve been a little bit stuck for jobs to do over the last couple of weeks so it was an ideal opportunity to set the seed potatoes out to to chit in the cold conservatory (last year I started them 3 weeks earlier). It’s great to think that in a few months time they’ll be providing endless meals for us.

The main varieties I’ve gone for this year are Casablanca, Kestrel and Bonnie. I’m hoping to have a few to select for the show bench but they’re also good eaters. Also there’s a few tubers of Arran Pilot, Pink Fir Apple, Lady Christl, Charlotte and a couple of Salad Blues to try out. Hopefully a good selection, time will tell having only grown Kestrel, Charlotte and Lady Christl before. They were all purchased at the Hampshire Potato Day from a huge selection of seed potatoes on offer.

I’m hoping the weather will turn mild again in the next couple of weeks so I can get the parsnips underway followed by the long carrots. I’m sitting on my hands as far as seed sowing is concerned and no doubt March will be a frenzy of activity on that front. In previous years I would have sowed a fair amount already but I’m learning to be patient. Fingers crossed for a nice, mild spring!