Daily Archives: February 19, 2012

And We’re Off Again!

At last I’ve sown the first seeds of 2012 after being uncharacteristically patient over the last few weeks! I filled half a dozen of the 6″ pipes to try some long parnsips for the New Forest Show at the end of July. They are Medwyns seed, variety Gladiator, and they have about five foot of mix to go at before they hit the soil underneath the pipes.

Sowing parnsips seeds is quite a fiddly job at the best of times but when you’re trying to get a few seeds as close as possible to the centre of the pipe the only way is with a pair of tweezers. As you can see I managed to get six seeds on end in each pipe so fingers crossed I should get at least half of those germinate in each one and then thin to the strongest.

Next job is to fill the pipes for the long carrots. It finally feels like the new season has begun!!