And We’re Off Again!

At last I’ve sown the first seeds of 2012 after being uncharacteristically patient over the last few weeks! I filled half a dozen of the 6″ pipes to try some long parnsips for the New Forest Show at the end of July. They are Medwyns seed, variety Gladiator, and they have about five foot of mix to go at before they hit the soil underneath the pipes.

Sowing parnsips seeds is quite a fiddly job at the best of times but when you’re trying to get a few seeds as close as possible to the centre of the pipe the only way is with a pair of tweezers. As you can see I managed to get six seeds on end in each pipe so fingers crossed I should get at least half of those germinate in each one and then thin to the strongest.

Next job is to fill the pipes for the long carrots. It finally feels like the new season has begun!!

11 responses to “And We’re Off Again!

  1. It’s great to be starting a new gardening season. It doesn’t feel like a new year has begun until those first seeds are sown.

  2. I sowed some broad beans a week ago and they have germinated so things feel like they are getting started again. I really admire your dedication and look forward to following the progress with your show veg. I’m thinking about showing in my local county show for the first time but it’ll just be flowers from my cutting patch.

  3. I hope they weren’t your wife’s eyebrow tweezers!

  4. Tweezers, of course! I don’t really need that level of accuracy, but I will definitely remember that tip, particularly useful when hands are damp. Good luck with your parsnips, they are certainly going to be coddled.

    • Jo absolutely feels like things are underway at last!

      Wellywoman good luck with your local show, I certainly have the bug from starting at my local village show, and the flowers can be just as challenging as veg to get right.

      Sue they might have been 😉

      Janet thanks they will be closely nurtured!

  5. Just a question really – when do you think these will be ready. Is mid July much too optimistic. Am just thinking i might give this a go for our annual show.

    • Hi very good question. I think I’m a couple of weeks late sowing them for an end of July show but that said the weather at the start of Feb was very cold so I’m not sure what advantage there would have been to sowing any earlier. The banner photo on this blog shows the parsnips I grew last year sowed on Feb 20th and pulled Aug 20th, they had the length but not the weight at the shoulder. They were grown in 4″ pipes and this year I’ve stepped up to 6″ so that may make a difference, time will tell. I’m just growing six as an experiment really, the majority of my efforts will go into the long and stump carrots for show. Good luck!

  6. I’m planning to sow my first “real” seeds of the year this weekend (Mustard & Cress doesn’t count!). It will be chillis of course! I made a conscious effot not to sow anything too early this time.

  7. Bloody hell, you look like you have caught my OCD sowing those seeds
    Are they really on their sides ? LOL

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