OK confession time, I am an addict. It wasn’t until I decided to have a good sort out that I realised I have around 180 packets of seeds plus 3 cash bags full of broad and runner bean seeds. I’m not quite sure how this happened but I obviously have a compulsion for buying seeds, hoarding them and giving a home to any poor stray packet that may come my way.

I don’t discriminate, every type of veg and a whole host of seed companies are represented. And whilst the Two Chances Empire is expanding I don’t own acres of land so not quite sure were all this is going. If I can get over the cold turkey our local Project Uganda charity will be getting a donation at the end of the season!

A busy day today with around 200 onion sets planted at the shared plot, brussels and parnsips harvested for Sunday lunch. The long carrots pipes will be filled tomorrow then it’s onto the main business of sowing to reduce the seed packet mountain! Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

10 responses to “Addiction!

  1. You’re a seedaholic like me. Unfortunately the condition is untreatable.

  2. Wow – Thats definately a lot of seeds. How long would you say its taken you to get those? A year? 2 years? 3 months hahaha??

    So you can plant onion sets now can you? It’s not too early then?

    • My collection’s built up over time. It’s a bit early for sets but I have to squeeze everything in as and when I can so fingers crossed they’ll be ok!

  3. IT is so easily done – we used up some of ours over winter as mini greens.

  4. I had a similar amount until I cleared them out at the back end of last year. I don’t know where they all came from, they seem to multiply when my back’s turned. Now I’ve just got the things which I know I’m going to use, but I bet it won’t be long until I’ve got a similar amount again.

  5. Wow that’s some amount of seeds. I sorted through mine back in January, not quite as many packets as you though. I wanted to start from scratch this year with new seeds and try a lot of new varieties so to ease my conscience I donated the seeds to my local community garden. They were really chuffed and the students wrote me a letter to say thanks. Sending your seeds to the Project Uganda Charity sounds a great idea. Just planted out my shallots today.

  6. You’re a gardener which also means that you’re a seedoholic!

    • Sue – how true it is easy to do and good idea for surplus seeds.

      Jo – good idea to have a clear out, seriously overdue!

      Wellywoman – how good of you to donate them to your local community garden, I will be passing on quite a few packs I think!

      Flighty – absolutely!

  7. Wowzer, that’s a lot!! I’ve hardly bought any seeds but buy 3 magazines a month which usually have seeds free. So I’ve got loads!! Not as many as you though!

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