I sowed the first of the stump carrots today, 14 stations in two old dustbins and 8 stations in a raised bed. I’ll sow some more next weekend. These are for the New Forest show at the last week in July and possibly my local village show three weeks later. The variety is Sweet Candle and I’m hoping to get a decent set out of them.

Certainly won’t win any prizes for symmetry but they should produce some nice carrots in five months time. And with a fleece over the top they will be cozy enough if we get a frost.

I’ve had the patience of a saint so far this year with no indoor seeds sowed until yesterday when I sowed 25 sweet peppers (Californian Wonder) and 15 tomatoes (Marmande, Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker). And 140 broad beans are in the greenhouse which will be planted out at the shared plot in a few weeks. I’ll follow these with some chillies, aubergines and various brassicas over the weekend.

Have you started sowing in earnest yet??


12 responses to “Stumped

  1. Only broad beans sown for us so far

  2. I haven’t done lots of sowing yet, but I’ll get started this month. I’m growing Sweet Candle for the first time this year.

  3. Looking good mate
    All my carrots are now finally sown
    Also sowed some tomatoes yesterday but still a bit early for the shows but daughter loves them to eat, so trying to get a good run throughout the year
    Also sowed sweet peas and pansy’s, not beg I know but you have to have some colour and smell
    Celery is doing well, onions look like they are finally on the move.

  4. Moneymaker? I’m disappointed Damo, so many other tastier varieties out there!

    I’ve sown chillies, sweet peppers, okra, sweet peas, broad beans, peas, lettuce, rocket, leeks, cabbage, marigolds, salad leaves, potatoes and carrots. Hello heater propagator and polytunnel 😉 Will start sowing some tomatoes today looking at the weather.

    • Sue – March is the main month for sowing so expect you have a long list to work through.

      Jo – sweet candle are a nice variety, my daughters loved eating them.

      Darren – it’s good to have the carrots sorted, I need to pot on your celery plants today.

      Rob – fair point doubt they’ll make the final cut as I’ll be picking up a few odd varieties when I can at plant sales. A case of too many seeds to throw away guess. You’re well ahead with the sowing – have you ever got okra to fruition? Any tips? Been a failure for me in the past so I didn’t bother last year.

  5. I sowed some celeriac 2 weeks ago which has germinated. I’ve got some broad beans in the cold frame waiting to go up to the allotment in a couple of weeks time and I sowed some peas in modules last week. I might start with sowing some hardy annual flowers this week. Cleaned out my other cold frame in preparation for all the pots to come. Looking forward to seeing the carrots come July.

  6. Bet the manufacturers of those dustbins never envisaged their product being used for that purpose! (I keep used compost bags in one. I use them as heavy-duty rubbish bags).

    I spent a fair bit of time in the garden this weekend. Sowed parsnips, beetroot, peas and broad beans. I’m putting off sowing the tomatoes for a bit longer, but my chillis are just beginning to germinate now.

    • I bet they didn’t, I did toy with the idea of cutting them in half so I could have 4 but that was too much like hard work at the time. They’re OK as long as I don’t want to relocate them quickly. I’ll be ramping up the sowing over the next couple of weeks weather permitting.

  7. I have so far sowed precisely nothing. I always seem to be late!

    That said, I’ve only just got the new plot, and it is currently a field, so I better get my finger out!

  8. I’ve been really impatient to get going this year so started sowing loads of stuff at the end of January. I’ve paid for my impatience by having to re-sow most things because it was too cold for them to germinate. My list of things to sow seems to get longer every year, can’t resist new seeds!

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