Spring well underway and I’m behind

A walk round the garden on this lovely, mild weekend has brought it home just how far Spring has progressed and I now have the feeling that I’m behind on all the jobs that I’m usually ahead of at this time of year – too far ahead of in some cases like sowing seeds for example.

In previous years the greenhouse would be filling up with various brassicas on the go whilst at the moment there’s just half a dozen trays of broad beans germinating and some shallots – I would have sown these direct in Autumn before. And usually I’d have trays of chillies, peppers, and tomatoes growing on but at the moment there’s just a handful of tomatoes germinated and I’m still waiting for the peppers to poke through.

Yesterday I sowed some more stump carrots (Sweet Candle) and four rows of parsnips (Gladiator & Picador). So I’m on track with the roots it’s just the rest of the veg I need to get a move on with. The only thing I’ve done at the shared plot is plant a couple of hundred onion sets and I haven’t touched my half allotment plot – although on visiting I realised it’s much smaller than a standard council plot (it’s run by a village charity) so I am less worried about catching up there, and it’s still got the previous tenants cabbages and sprouts on so I have an excuse for my tardiness. This is where the asparagus bed will go and the plants haven’t arrived yet; there you go another excuse!

It’s great to see so much colour in the garden already. This was a tiny hellebore plant I put in last year which is doing well. And the daffs are out, even an early tulip or two, but the most colourful thing is the blossom on the cherry plum tree. We often overlook just how beautiful trees can be, not just a green backdrop.

So I’ve got plenty of work to do, the next six weeks is the critical time for every veg grower, lots of sowing and planning for the season ahead!


17 responses to “Spring well underway and I’m behind

  1. I wouldn’t say that you were behind just yet Damo. Maybe usually you are just ahead of the game!

  2. Don’t worry too much Damo. The late-sown ones always catch up in the end.
    I’ve had a seed-sowing frenzy this weekend too, so my windowsills are full of propagators now.

  3. I’m actually well ahead of previous years but I suppose I have more time than you, being semi-retired. This mild weather is set to continue for another week or so and it’s tempting to go for a sowing/planting frenzy. I’m trying to resist because I know there’s still plenty of time for winter to have a sting in its tail!!

    • You never know when there’s going to be a few hard frosts round the corner. Hopefully there won’t be but best to be cautious at this time of year.

  4. It seems that most people have sown lots more seeds than me so I feel a little behind too, though I’m not worrying too much as everything tends to catch up.

  5. The next couple of weeks are going to be frantic. I’ve got some things on the go but I’m really going to start in earnest this week. I’ve only got 2 windowsills and 2 cold frames so it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare. It’s very sad I know but I’ve created some spreadsheets so I know what I’m doing over the next 2 months. I think the thing about gardening is there are always so many jobs to do that it’s possible to always feel a bit behind and slightly overwhelmed.

    • Good idea to plan, I don’t do enough of that and rely on instincts which aren’t always right. Having started to grow for show timing is critical so I’m now taking note of how many weeks various types of veg take to mature and counting back from my show date. Nothing wrong with a spreadsheet although I see more than enough of them at work!

  6. I thought I was very behind, but I’ve checked on my sowing dates last year and I’m actually on time. However, with the new plot I’ve got a load more to do, so maybe I am behind after all!!!

  7. Last year I sowed early and everything rotted, so I’ve bought a soil thermometer for outdoor sowing this year and just starting with my indoor propagation this week.

  8. I’m still frantically weeding if it makes you feel any better / more organised!

  9. Great blog Damo. I look forward to reading more soon.

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