Allotment Update

At last I’ve spent my first morning at the allotment after checking during the week that the previous owner had finally removed all their winter plants. Whilst I’m in no rush it was good to start making plans and get to know the site. Up in the next village the allotments are run by a charity and I’ve paid £10 for a years rent on half a plot (plot 13a). It’s not as big as a standard council plot but it’ll do me. I measured it at 30ft by 10 ft and once I square it off properly that will increase a bit. Looks like I’ve inherited a large rhubarb crown which is fine by me and I’ll add a couple more from my garden up there too. My asparagus bed will also go in when the crowns are delivered.

I did about 15 minutes weeding before my plot neighbour and Hort Soc Chairman turned up with his trailer and we shifted four loads of muck from the local stables driving over the field so we could unload right next to our plots. That will dig in nicely as I weed over the next few weeks and the more organic matter I can get in the soil the better as it looks like we may be in for a dry year.

It’s more than just the extra space though I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow allotment holders. You couldn’t ask for a more peaceful site, down the end of a village lane looking out over fields, it’s going to be a great place to spend time. Can’t wait to get stuck in! I was offered some rhubarb too before I left and just round the corner is the shared plot where I picked some brussels and lifted a couple of parsnips for dinner. What a great morning!


16 responses to “Allotment Update

  1. How exciting? I love the sound of an asparagus bed. I’d need to take on another plot though first. I’ve already worked out I might have overestimated just how much I’ll be able to squeeze into my plot this year!!! The social element of allotments is lovely. Ours is quite a quiet site so not too many people about but when they are I love having a bit of a chat. looking forward to seeing how your allotment progresses through the year.

  2. You’re going to be a very busy lad this year!

    30 x 10 foot doesn’t sound a lot but with careful planning and plenty of muck in the soil it should give you 300 lbs of food or more in a year.

  3. Now I know why you can’t have a shed on the plot
    Their would be no plot left if you did lol
    At least their is no excuse for not being able to manage it
    The shallots below look really good

    • Yes it’s pretty small but if I get my head down and do a good job I’m sure I could get a full plot. Some of the people who have been there a few years have four times the space but it’s been chopped up more and more with the demand in recent years even in a small village which is fair enough giving everyone a chance to try it.

  4. Hope you have a great growing season. The new allotment does look like it is in an idyllic location.

  5. Sounds idyllic, Damo. Beats fishing, any day!

  6. The site sounds as though it’s in a lovely location, and the plot will give you that much needed extra space. Enjoy.

  7. This all sounds too perfect – what’s the catch?? A gorgegous location and everything so new and ready for you to stamp your mark on it – looking forward to watching your progress 🙂 x

  8. Sounds wonderful Damo – good luck!

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