Greenhouse sowings

I’m lucky to have gained a greenhouse when we moved in next to which I’ve built three raised beds which form the main part of my plot at home. At this time of year it’s invaluable to grow on seedlings and take pressure off the indoor windowsills which can get a little crowded.

There’s onions (from Darren), beetroot (Boltardy), peas (show perfection), mangetout (oregon sugar snap), broad beans (longfellow and an unknown variety), leeks (porvite), celery (from Darren), sweetcorn (lark and earlibird), cabbage (green ramco), cauliflower (cornell), brokali (appollo) and calabrese (aquiles F1) all jockeying for space. I’m converting the growing area on the other side of the greenhouse into a space for salad veg and I’ll be growing cucumbers (carmen) from the staging over the roof in the summer. My tomatoes (goldstar) will go into 3 mini-greenhouses in a narror bed by the side of the greenhouse.

As tradition dictates Easter weekend is potato planting time. Whilst waiting for a potato mix to arrive for my show potatoes which I’m growing in bags (Casablanca, Bonnie & Kestrel) I need to get on and plant the rest. I’d like to put some in my allotment as they’re good for working the ground which was pretty compacted when I took over. Most of the seed potatoes I have are 1st and 2nd earlies, Aarron Pilot, Lady Christl, Charlotte, Salad Blue with Pink Fir Apple as well. So planting now will mean some lovely spuds to eat in late July through to September.

The only problem I have at the moment is celeriac germinating. I was given a few seedlings last year which I grew on and we really liked the taste. So I bought a packet this year but I can’t get any to germinate – a bad packet or user error? Any tips for me?

Whatever you’re doing this weekend I hope you have a lovely Easter!


11 responses to “Greenhouse sowings

  1. Dear Damo, sowed celeriac for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t cover the seed with compost and it germinated ok at 15c.
    Grew lark sweetcorn last year and it was so tasty!Getting hungry thinking about it.

    • Thanks very much, I’ve been covering the seed, schoolboy error!

      • geoffs garden

        Hi damo, just a quick question i know you had a lot of different seeds to plant this year and i was wondering how you have got on. You certainly did have a big list which includes veg and flowers.

  2. I’ve never grown celeriac so I can’t offer any advice, but the rest of your seedlings look to be doing well. I’d definitely get some spuds in the allotment, they’ve been great at getting my soil more workable.

  3. We got the celeriac to germinate – now will it go any further. We cover all our small seeds with vermiculite which works well as it lets light through but gives the seeds a bit of protection.

  4. Wish I had a greenhouse… At present my three little plastic ones are doing sterling service, but I still have to shift my seedlings to- and fro- each morning/evening. 😦
    I decided not to grow Celeriac this year. I thought that last year’s efforts were insufficiently rewarded, and this year it would be even more demanding with the water restrictions likely to be with us all Summer.

  5. This is my first year growing celeriac. I started mine off in February, apparently it needs a long season. I just sowed them in a 50 50 mix of compost and vermiculite in a tray and then covered with a plastic bag and put them on the window sill. I had read they took a long time to germinate but mine took 10 days. I bought them from More Veg. Not sure how they’ll do with them once they’re on the plot though. Everything I’ve read suggests they’re difficult. I’ve had problems with other seeds germinating though and today had to resow which is frustrating. I always have problems with spring onions. I have no idea why.

  6. Your plants look very healthy. I wish you well with your upcoming harvest.

  7. Jo – thanks and the spuds will be going in at the allotment soon as I have a couple of days off work next week.

    Sue – good idea I have a large bag of fine vermiculite which I’ll use next time, up to now I’ve just mixed it in with the compost.

    Mark – it is great to have a greenhouse, even a relatively small 8′ by 6′ one like mine. Amazing how many unused ones you see about, or filled with junk etc. Good point about celeriac with the water restrictions, they need a lot of water so I was going to plant at home rather than the allotment so at least I can keep an eye on them. Getting somem germinated is the first step though!

    Wellywoman – sounds so simple yet I have not had any success with them this year so far. Tips I can give from last year’s effort would be a good mulch, regular watering, and remove some of the top growth – I started to do this from mid-summer. Good luck!

    Angela – thanks very much.

    Geoff – I’m growing most of the things on my list. Haven’t started any flowers yet that’s my next job. Trying to be more patient as I’ve had one eye on the weather expecting spring to have a sting in the tail with some late frosts. We’ll see.

  8. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I haven’t had much luck with celeriac in the past whne it comes to growing it on but the germination has been good this year. It is slow to germinate and I did coever my seeds which prolongs it even more sodon’t give up on it just yet!!

    • Thanks Tanya I won’t and I’ll keep a close eye on it to see if it finally does germinate. If not hopefully there’ll be some plants at a local sale in the next few weeks.

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