Slow progress

It’s slow progress at the moment up at the allotment, every time I have a spare hour to nip up there it’s been raining. So far I’ve planted a few rows of potatoes and a double row of broad bean plants. But with the asparagus crowns arriving this morning I had to get up there come rain or shine and thankfully dodged the showers this afternoon.

It’s looking a bit better since I first started. From bottom to top is rhubarb – one large clump I inherited and three small crowns I put in. Then there’s the ‘soon to be gone’ weed patch – I’m planning to put sweetcorn in there. Next is the new asparagus bed – two rows of 6 plants, varieties Backlim, Darlise and Gijnlim – in 3 years time I’ll be harvesting the first full crop! Then there’s the beans and potatoes.

And today is the first time I’ve harvested from all three of my sites. Some rhubarb from the allotment, cabbage, cauliflower and parsnip from the shared plot and purple sprouting broccoli from home. It’s great to have some fresh produce at a typically sparse time of year.

Tomorrow, with the girls off to a birthday party, it’s time to get some Ramco cabbage plants in at home and get the dreaded mower and strimmer out for a long overdue garden tidy up. Maybe it’ll rain so I’ve got an excuse to put that job off for another day!


6 responses to “Slow progress

  1. I think everyone is off to a slow start this year

  2. April showers! Well jel of your fresh produce. Yesterday I planted some veg I started in the greenhouse, so the rain’s quite handy.

  3. “it’s time to get some Ramco cabbage plants in at home” donated to me by my bestest gardening buddy, Blicky
    Looks good mate, how long do you think you can keep the plot that tidy? lol

    • Sue – everything will catch up in the end.

      Isobel – yeh I shouldn’t have been surprised at the April showers! And we needed it so can’t grumble.

      Darren – thanks mate next post is all about the cabbages!

  4. Your plot looks great. It has been hard this week getting anything done with so much rain. The paths at the allotment are squelching because of all the rain. Seeds are starting to germinate albeit slowly. I’m getting a slight backlog of plants now though. Some plants need to go in the ground so I can free up space in the cold frame and on window sills for more seed sowing. Picked some rhubarb yesterday and agree it’s nice to feel like the plot is being productive.

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