What’s Growin’ On

With March and April being the busiest sowing months you’d expect there to be loads of seedlings growing on at the Two Chances Plot. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Here’s a few progress photos from the three growing areas; the greenhouse, cold frames and good old windowsill.

The sweetcorn is growing on well in the greenhouse. Two varieties, Earlibird and Lark, around 40 plants destined for the allotment towards the end of May, possibly earlier with bottle cloches if I need the space in the greenhouse.

Brussel Sprouts (Bedford) hardening off in the cold frame. Around 150 plants for the shared plot, possibly a few for the Hort Soc plant sale. Even though they are one of my favourite veg I think 150 may be overdoing it a bit!

Continuing the brassica theme there’s cabbage (green ramco), calabrese (aquiles F1), brokali (apollo) and cauliflower (cornell).

I grow beetroot in modules ready to plant out. This is Boltardy and I will be sowing Pablo later.

Moving indoors, the tomatoes are going well. Goldstar, Marmande and Gardener’s Delight around 8-10 inches high.

The cucumbers (Carmen) are just starting. I’ll be devouting the greenhouse to them this year with the tomatoes outside in the mini-greenhouses for cover with the rest at the shared plot greenhouse.

Last, and defintely least, aubergines (bonica F1). After a disastrous performance last year I’ve been suckered into trying them again. No doubt only bitter disappointment will follow but that’s gardening, without failure you can’t fully appreciate your successes.

In various states of germination are french and runner beans, leeks, parsnips, courgettes, pumpkins and squash. There’s also celery, pea and onion plants in the greenhouse with lettuce growing on and more lettuce, rocket, radish and spring onions sowed. In the garden there’s potatoes, carrots, parnsips, peas, cabbage, shallots, onions and garlic growing away with PSB coming to an end. On the shared plot there’s potatoes, broad beans and onions with a few of last season’s cabbages and cauliflowers left. And the half allotment has so far been planted with more potatoes, broad beans and asparagus.

I think it’s going to be a busy year!!


11 responses to “What’s Growin’ On

  1. That’s a lot of sprout plants Damo!

  2. Damo, your list of plants is very similar to mine, but you have about ten times as many of each (except the Brussels sprouts, where it’s more like 100 times as many!).
    Wish I could plant out some of my seedlings right now, but the ground is absolutely sodden.
    I’ve got a few Aubergines on the go for the first time, but if your experience is anything to go by, it may be the last. Did you grow yours in the greenhouse?

    • Sue – I know good job I love them though!

      Mark – I did grow them in a greenhouse. Basically a relatively cold summer equals poor aubergines. I guess there’s a good reason why they are a Meditterenean veg! You never know though if we get a hot summer there’ll be a bumper crop.

  3. This weather doesn’t seem to be holding you back at all, it’s all looking great.

  4. Wow 150 brussel sprout plants. I’m itching to plant out my celeriac which are romping away but still a little worried about frosts. Haven’t sown my cucumbers or french beans yet. It’s so cold here. Went for a walk today and still needed hat, gloves and scarf. Moving to France seems like a great idea at the moment!!!

    • Jo – the rain just limiting the time I can get outside. Could do with being a bit warmer as well!

      Wellywoman – my celeriac has been a bit of a disaster so far, just at the tiny seedling stage which I think is quite a it behind where they should be.

  5. Your list shows dedication to your craft, Damo. I’m just getting round to sowing peas, etc. In fact, I’ve been a bit pathetic on the sowing front. Have now squished tiny plastic greenhouse onto balcony so I feel I have somewhere to put seedlings once sown – should be a good incentive!

  6. Wow!!!!!!

    Amazing and all looks to be growing well. I so wish I had more room to grow like this but as it’s my first year, small amounts to see what works is the best way forward.

    Can’t wait to see what this lot produces!

  7. Hi Damo, I’m thinking of showing at my local show later on this year and was wondering if you had any tips. I’m a bit daunted by the fact that the last show I went to I was the only female and the youngest by about 30 years. There seem to be so many rules. Any help would be much appreciated.

  8. Looking good! Most people have commented how slow everything is this year due to the lack of sunshine and warmth.
    I guess that we’ll all be busy when we do getting planting and sowing again once the weather improves and the ground dries out a bit.

    • Thanks Caro and good luck with your sowings.

      Dvotee – Good luck with your first year and that’s the best approach, see what works for you to start with.

      Wellywoman – of course happy to share some tips – I guess decide which classes you want to enter and then work out your sowing / planting times working back from the show date. Read the schedule carefully so you get the hang of the rules, they’re not that difficult but it’s surprising how many people can be NAS’d (not as schedule) – it’s happened to me once, never again! Quite often at local level just a bit of care and attention to presentation and staging will lift you above the other competitors. For example I may be the only one carefully washing an entry in the potato class at my local village show. If you have any questions just ask away and I’ll do my best to help.

      Thanks Flighty I’m hoping it dries up at the end of May as I need to get all my planting done as I won’t be around much in June!

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