Sun at last!

At last some sun and a few days of dry weather after the deluge of the last five weeks or so. With lots of jobs to do I’ve concentrated on the home front this weekend and thought I’d give you a virtual tour as I haven’t focused on this for a while.

I started with the onion bed finding a few spaces for the last of the vento onion plants I’ve been growing on from Darren. There’s also shallots, Hative de Niort, and garlic, purple wight, in this bed.

Next were the peas, show perfection on the canes, and oregon sugar snap up the netting.

The cabbages, green ramco, have been out for a couple of weeks now and should reach a good size by the end of July. There’s seven in all aiming for an entry at the New Forest Show.

The stump carrots in two dustbins of sand are coming along nicely.

And after a slow start the long carrots in pipes are starting to take off.

The greenhouse is starting to clear slowly. There’s lettuce, radish and rocket in the bed on the right hand side. And celery, calabrese, cauliflower, brokali, purple sprouting, sweetcorn, runner & french beans, celeriac and leeks on the staging. These all need to planted out over the next three weeks.

And the hardening off area is pretty full. The tomatoes are about two foot tall and ready for planting out as soon as the weather warms up. There’s also marrows, beans, brussels, beetroot, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins waiting to go out. It’s all a bit of a jam waiting for the end of May when I’ll be confident the threat of a late frost has passed. Then it will be a frenzy of activity to get this lot all out into their final positions before we go on holiday!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather!

8 responses to “Sun at last!

  1. You’re way ahead of me with everything. We haven’t seen much sun here today, though it peeped through yesterday. It was still mighty cold though. The weather just seems to be holding everything back this year, I’m hoping that it warms up soon otherwise I can’t see things doing very well this year.

  2. The weather here has been great. Things have been quite slow but I’m feeling much more optimistic at the moment, hope I’m not tempting fate! You are very organised. That is some stack of pots behind the greenhouse.

  3. Ahead of us too – things are just either growing very slowly or not at all!

  4. Looking really good mate
    The onions looks very good
    Carrots don’t seem to bad and hopefully will catch up, so don’t start panicking yet

    • Hopefully we’ll all be wondering what all the fuss was about in a months time Jo.

      Wellywoman – I’m sure everthing will work out fine in the end. Thanks for thinking I’m organised, that’s not stacks of pots behind the greenhouse but my long carrot pipes.

      Sue – fingers crossed it’ll pick up soon.

      Darren – thanks mate hopefully they’ll come good eventually.

  5. Happy birthday for the 18th – the day after my birthday so we are nearly twins!

  6. Way ahead of me as well. I’ll hopefully get it right next year. Too early with the potatoes I think and not early enough with peas, beetroot and ironman.

    Hopefully all will be ok and you’ve certainly got a couple of busy weeks ahead of you so good luck with it all.

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