Tough Love!

This is the most unusual wildlife photo I’ve taken on the plot. Whilst watering in the back garden I came across these two slow worms locked in an embrace – or one was trying to eat the other one! I’ve seen quite a few slow worms around the garden but never witnessed this before. They’re living along the edge of one of the raised beds and have now started to be a lot more active in the warm weather.

A busy weekend ahead with our Horticultural Society plant sale this afternoon and loads of plants to get out in their final positions. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


6 responses to “Tough Love!

  1. Eeuuwww! Glad I’ve never seen anything like this, I jump a mile at anything that slithers, including slow worms. I know that they’re probably lurking in my veg patch too but I’d prefer it if they lived in the long grass on the railway line! Hope the plant sale goes well for you and the gardening weekend goes well. V windy here in London so still in two minds about putting out beans and peas… the rest will go out though!

  2. I’ve never seen a slow worm. Hope the plant sale goes well, I’m sure this gorgeous weather will bring lots of people out.

  3. You are llucky – like Jo I’ve never seen a slow worm. I’ve never seen a grass sanke either

  4. Caro / Jo / Sue – they’re quite a regular visitors in the garden but I’ve never seen this before. But it’s great to see such diversity in the garden.

  5. Mmm I’m not keen either, and much prefer frisky ladybirds!
    I hope that the plant sale went well, and you’ve had a good weekend. Cheers.

    • Thanks Flighty it went very well and I’m making the most of the warm weather although the watering is becoming a bit of a chore!

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