Sweetcorn In

I finally finished the allotment planting with sweetcorn which had been taking up much needed space in the greenhouse. I weeded over the last section of the plot bar a metre square area that I didn’t have time for. Then dug in some manure and then planted 60 0f them about 12 inches apart in a block. I returned later with some netting to protect them from the deer only to be offered a roll of chicken wire from a plot neighbour. On chatting to him it was obvious he’d taken pity on my pathetic attempt to keep the deer off the sweetcorn and I gladly accepted his offer and put the wire round most of the plot with only the spuds and rhubarb left unprotected.

That should keep ’em out!


8 responses to “Sweetcorn In

  1. Well done, I think you deserve a beer!

  2. Sweetcorn up but not planted. I guess we’re l;ucky to only have to protect from pigeons. We do get foxes but they don’t seem to cause any damage. I’m also told that a couple of partridges frequent our plot but they make themselves scarce when we are about!

  3. I’m glad I don’t have to think about protection against deer, it’s bad enough keeping the pigeons off things. My sweetcorn is waiting to be planted out but the bed hasn’t been dug yet, that’s another job to put on the list.

  4. I’m lucky enough not to have to worry about deer or rabbits. Birds and slugs are my main foes. That’s quite a bit of sweetcorn there! I’m not bothering after 2 disastrous years of poor pollination. Just come back from the plot and everything is looking good. It’s a challenge at the moment to get everything done up there before it gets too hot.

    • Thanks Is, I had one or two on Saturday night!

      Sue, it’s the first time I’ve had to contend with deer and the only way is to get some sort of half decent fence or cover on the plot.

      Jo, pigeons are a pest, I have to cover the brassicas all year round.

      Wellywoman, it is quite a lot of sweetcorn but it’s one of our favourites and freezes well. I’m hoping a large block will give good pollination, we’ll see.

  5. I sowed my sweetcorn a few days ago, and thankfully don’t have to worry about deer!

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