All In

The Two Chances Veg Plot is now fully planted. Every square inch of available space in the garden has been used and the plot is flourishing.

In the large bed (front to back) are potatoes which are coming on nicely after a slow start. They’re followed by 7 Green Ramco cabbages which I’m really pleased with at the moment – they’re perfect and putting on top growth that you can see every day. I’m just hoping I can keep the pests off them until the end of July when I’ll hopefully have a pair good enough for the New Forest Show. Then there’s some calabrese, a double row of celery, a couple of kale and a couple of late purple sprouting broccoli plants and finally a row of french beans and a row of runner beans.

In the medium sized bed there’s the pipes with the carrots which are starting to take off along with shallots garlic and onions. And in the small bed there’s a few more onions, dwarf french beans, mangetout and peas. My main hope for the Show out of that lot is the carrots although they are behind where they were last year but I guess we’re all in the same boat.

In the greenhouse I’ve got the cucumbers set up on the staging to grow over the roof and tomotoes, salad crops and aubergines in the bed. The greenhouse is being optimised for cucumbers so it’s shut up 24/7 apart from a few minutes of watering each day or damping down so the tomotoes in the greenhouse will have to fend for themselves. In the 3 mini greenhouses alongside the main one are the Goldstar tomotoes which I’m hoping to get some decent fruit off.

In the front garden is a bed full of summer and autumn fruting raspberries and strawberries and another bed with marrows, cauliflower, courgettes, carrots and parnsips and that’s it there’s no more room. I have a couple of trays of celeriac seedlings with nowhere to put them – up at the shared plot or allotment I can’t water them as much as they’re going to need so they may not get planted at this rate. There’s some leeks which I’ve got room for at the shared plot alongside the 24 squash and pumpkin plants I’ve just planted out up there. The last of the runner beans will go in tomorrow along with sowings of carrots and beetroot and then that’s it, I can do no more, and to be honest I haven’t got the energy even if I wanted to!

With today being the best of the long weekend weatherwise it’s a BBQ and a few drinks with friends and 24 hours off the gardening – well apart from watering the greenhouse, tieing up the peas, supporting the potato haulms………………

10 responses to “All In

  1. May it not be as well just to plant the celeriac – that way they have a chance to grow. If this rain continues they’ll definitely have plenty of water!

  2. Awesome list, Damo, you’re not going to go hungry are you! It does feel a lot like hard work at this time of year but so satisfying when it all starts to be edible. And you’re right, the ‘to do’ list never ends … ! Hope you’re getting good weather for your BBQ!

  3. Sounds like you won’t need to buy much form the supermarket this summer. 24 squash plants!!! I’ve only planted up 3 uchiki kuri squashes. It’s my first year trying them and I don’t have much space so I’m trying them up some sturdy teepees. Hope you had some decent weather for the barbecue, sounds like you deserved a bit of a sit down.

    • Good luck with the squashes, I wasn’t very optimistic when I sowed them as we seem to be heading towards the cold damp summer of last year !

  4. Hmmm, not got much growing this year then, Damo. Lol. I think you’ll be able to stock your local supermarket with that lot. I’m so far behind this year, you’ve done well to keep on top of everything with all the weather has thrown at us.

    • Thanks very much Jo, just got back from holiday and everything has come on in leaps and bounds. Got my work cut out keeping up with it all!

  5. You amaze me! Truly you are growing your own, I bet you could grow anything! Best wishes for the fete – hope you beat everyone and get a huge big shiny silver cup! xx

    P.S. you know, thank you for still having my blog on your list – I really appreciate it xxxxxxx

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