Village Show

It was my local Horticultural Society’s Summer Show yesterday and we had superb weather at the Village Hall. Whilst the vegetable entries were down understandably, the flower entries and other classes held their own for another successful local show.

After winning the cup for most points in the vegetable classes for the last three years I didn’t want to enter all the individual classes again – and I’d entered a few in last week’s Allotment Association Show, so it was just my shallots and any other veg (marrow) which achieved 1st and 2nd respectively. And I won the top tray although I was the only entry!

In the 4 Dahlia classes I entered I had a 1st (small), 2nd (minature), 1st (5 mixed) and 2nd (3 cactus) which I was pleased with.

And it was great to see some new faces taking prizes and cups which is what it’s all about!

This was my top tray entry of onions (Vento), Runner Beans (Stenner) and Potatoes (Kestrel).

And my shallots (Hative de Niort) – the same set I won with last week.

Finally my winning vase of 5 Dahlias (minimum 3 varieties). The girls entered their classes as well with Chloe taking the prizes for her leaf print picture, picture made from recycled material and play-doh flower. Winning £8 she took home more prize money than I did!


14 responses to “Village Show

  1. John Martin (Hoss)

    Well done mate. What shows have you got left for your veg?

    • Thanks Hoss, that’s it now after the New Forest Show (NVS Southern), Salisbury Allotment Association Show and my Village Show. I only have a small plot so growing for more shows and keeping the family supplied with veg at the same time would be a bit of a challenge. Plus it’s nice to relax and not have to worry about tending the show veg every day, especially in the heatwave that’s suddenly arrived down here!

  2. Congratulations. Those shallots will be getting too big for their boots.

  3. Well done again. I think you’re right to let someone else have a crack at winning classes. As always your dahlias are lovely, mine were devoured by ravenous monster slugs during the monsoon.:-!

  4. Spuds and onions look good mate

  5. Another successful show! Nice that you are letting some other people get a look in too. Are you already planning for next year?!

  6. Well done to both you and Chloe, it’s great to see littlies getting in on the act. I’m not sure if we can make our local show this year, but looking at some of the allotments here, I bet it’s not as well attended as other years.

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