Sweet Success

Regular readers will remember I planted out around 50 sweetcorn plants at the allotment at the end of May and today they have all been harvested. I had my reservations with the rubbish summer we’ve had that I would get any crop from them but I harvested 70 cobs which is not bad all things considered.

From the 70 there were around 10 that hadn’t germinated and a similar amount that were ‘overcooked’ as I hadn’t been to the allotment in the last 2 weeks with one thing and another. So considering the neglect on top of the weather I was very pleased with the result!


10 responses to “Sweet Success

  1. Bittersweet reading this. We grew a variety we hadn’t tried before, tried them this week, they look lovely and taste awful. So back to ‘supersweet’ next year. Enjoy your crop.

  2. There’s nothing to beat fresh sweetcorn in fact I’d say it’s top of the crops!

  3. Yum!

  4. Goodness, what on earth are you going to do with all them?! I love eating it fresh, with a dribble of butter, but that is a lot of sweetcorn to get through at one sitting 😉

    • Hi Janet, we had friends round for a BBQ yesterday so a fair amount went – boiled and then chargrilled on the BBQ they are fantastic. The rest are in the freezer to be eaten through the winter.

  5. OH YES, my friend!! We picked 2 last week and they were lovely but needed a little more time. 50 plants though – wow, you always do things BIG 🙂

  6. We still have to check on ours after a week away – hope they are something like yours!

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