Seed Sort Out & Free Giveaway

I had a long overdue sort out of my seed packets this evening and, as always, there’s far too many – will I ever learn?

Then I thought why not give a few away? So if you want to have this “summer salad” collection (5 packets – all are sow 2013/4 bar the Radish which should be OK but a little old) – Wild Rocket, Mixed Lettuce, Golden Sunrise Tomatoes, Radish Rudi and Telegraph Improved Cucumbers – just leave a comment on this post. I’ll contact the first person to say “YES” and get your address and post them to you. Simple as that!

Seed Giveaway

And for the record here’s what’s left:

Aubergine F1 Bonica
Beetroot Burpee’s Golden
Beetroot Pablo
Broad Bean Longfellow
Broccoli (Autumn) Beaumont F1
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Late Purple Sprouting
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Sprouting Redhead
Brussel Sprouts Bedford
Brussel Sprouts F1 Cumulus
Cabbage (Spring) Pixie
Cabbage (Summer) Ramco
Calabrese Aquiles F1
Carrot Autumn King 2
Carrot Sweet Candle
Cauliflower Cornell
Cauliflower Romanesco F1 Celio
Celeriac Brilliant
Chilli Pepper F1 Joe’s Long
Courgette F1 Orelia
Courgette Soleil F1 Hybrid
Cress American / Land
Cress Curled
Cucumber Carmen F1
French Bean Climbing Barlotta Lingua di Fuoco
French Bean Climbing Cobra
French Bean Climbing Sultana
French Bean Dwarf Pencil Pod Black Wax
French Bean Dwarf Prince
French Bean Dwarf Sprite
French Bean Dwarf Ferrari
Garlic Solent Wight
Kale Scarlet
Leek Toledo
Lettuce Artic King
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Salad Bowl
Lettuce Tom Thumb
Lettuce Webbs Wonderful
Lettuce Winter Density
Marrow Table Dainty
Onion (Sets) Stuggart Giant
Onion Spring White Lisbon
Parsnips Pinnacle
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod
Pea Show Perfection
Potatoes Amour
Potatoes Charlotte
Potatoes Kestrel
Potatoes Red Emmalie
Potatoes Winston
Pumpkin Rouge Vif D’Etamps
Radish Albena
Radish Rudi
Rocket Runway
Rocket Va Va Voom
Runner Bean Stenner
Shallots Hative de Niort
Squash Butternut Autumn Crown F1
Squash Butternut Butterbush F1
Squash Butternut Hunter F1
Squash Winter Sweet Dumpling
Swede Invitation
Sweet Pepper Etiuda
Sweetcorn F1 Earlibird
Sweetcorn F1 Sweetie Pie
Tomato Tumbling Tom Red
Tomato Sungold F1

The 2013 list!!! 35 different types of veg and 60-odd varieties, don’t think I’ll get round to them all!

19 responses to “Seed Sort Out & Free Giveaway

  1. Damo, please DON’T send them to me! I have a similar problem…

  2. Ha! I did the same today – seeds have been snapped up – hope the same goes for yours. I’ll put a link up over at mine to send some peeps your way hopefully 🙂

  3. I’m in the same position as Mark and hoping no more magazines have freebies. Lots of varieties of beans on your list. You’ll be full of beans

    • I hope so Sue! I do grow quite a few extra for my local Hort Soc and NVS Hampshire DA plant sales which are both in May but even so there’s far too many!!

  4. Hi,
    I can’t quite tell whether they have already gone but…I’d love them, actually for me only the wild rocket, but I am organising a Seedy Saturday in Corsham on February 16th so any spare packets would be very welcome to go into our swap shop! Thanks in hope…

  5. Hi Lu, thanks for contacting me and I’d be more than happy to send you the seeds. I hope your seed swap goes well and good luck for the new season. I’ll send you an email shortly.

  6. What a lovely giveaway! Sorry I got here too late (but sending good wishes to Corsham’s Seedy Saturday) Does anyone else have seeds that need a home? Community Garden in Swindon would love them.

  7. What a great idea 🙂 I’m sorry I missed out and if anyone with similar troubles wants to send them out to a newbie I’d be very happy to take them off your hands! The mice got to most of mine…..

  8. Can i have some seeds please:)

  9. Thanks Damo, We’d appreciate the help. The Secret Garden, Queen’s Park Community Garden.

  10. You still have some of those seeds left? I’d love some

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