Where there’s muck……

Lovely sunshine today and whilst bitterly cold it was dry, the first chance I’ve had to get a few jobs done around the garden. The raised beds needed a bit of attention. I built them quite cheaply six years ago using 6 foot gravel boards from Scats (£2 each) and a couple of them had rotted through. But at that price they’re easy to replace and it wasn’t long before they were all fixed up.

Veg beds

I have three raised beds in the back garden – the smallest is 6′ by 6′, then 12′ by 6′ and 18′ by 6′. There’s also a narrow strip at the side of the greenhouse. In the front is a bed for soft fruit and another 12′ by 6′ veg bed – this will be home for the winter brassicas and leeks this year.


With the beds repaired I gave Stanleys a call and within 30 minutes a delivery of manure arrived – they’re in Pitton just down the road and always have decent stuff available. Then it was just a case of transferring it to the beds leaving half a bed free from manure where the root crops will go.

Not much happening on the sowing front just some broad beans (Longfellow) and chillies (Joe’s Long) on the go. And the potatoes are all set out for chitting. The next priority is sorting out the mixes for the parsnips that will go in by mid-Feb followed by the long and stump carrots late Feb into March. The serious work has started!


12 responses to “Where there’s muck……

  1. You can’t beat a good load of muck… Beds look ready for action – roll on sowing time. I started the first lot of chillies off this afternoon, prepared to do another sowing later if not enough light.

  2. wow how tidy and organised. In the last few days i’ve managed to motivate hubbs to join me in the veg plot and he’s decided we need a total revamp which will give me 2 more raised beds on top of just the too i have 🙂
    So exciting … now what to fill them with 🙂
    I have started just a handfull of sowing, chilli’s, pepper’s, leek’s, tomaotoe’s and some marigolds.
    I’ll do another batch perhaps at the end of the month and include some beans peas and sweet corn.

  3. So do you have a smelly garden? Must admit we have stopped using manure since our contamination problem.

    • It’s well rotted Sue, whilst I wouldn’t put my face in it there’s no noticeable smell. I don’t think you can beat it as a once a year soil improver and I’m hoping by using a reputable supplier I won’t have any problems.

  4. Sounds like you are on top of everything – I haven’t done anything yet – it’s too bloody cold!

  5. Those raised beds are looking great Damo. When they are empty like this they seem such a far cry from what they look like in July!

  6. I’ve done my first lot of sowing today, it’s great to get going again, isn’t it?

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