Too cold!

A day off today as it’s half term and I thought I’d get some jobs in the garden done whilst supervising the children. But it’s far too cold – bitter – and it’s just started snowing again.

On the veg front there’s chillies (Joe’s Long) and aubergines (moneymaker) in the propagator, garlic on the plot and broad beans and shallots in the greenhouse. The only harvestable veg left are parsnips and artichokes. I am yet to get really motivated for the season ahead, a spell of mild weather would help.

To change topic – as there’s not much veg growing happening – one thing I have been concentrating on is losing a few pounds – which had crept on in the run-up to Christmas (and recent years!). This has developed into a challenge to get somewhere near the weight I was when I came back from travelling, thirteen or so years ago now. Turning 40 and a recent MOT at the doctors has helped spur me on as well.

But the real catalyst was watching the Hairy Bikers – “Hairy Dieters” – series. They like and eat the same food as I do, not diet food, but hearty meals – pies and curries etc – so I thought if they can do it and lose 3 stone a piece so can I. Now I’ve never been skinny (well maybe when I was 8 years old) but according to google I should be 15 stone for my height of 6’5″. I’ve set myself a target of 16 stone – like I said I’ve never been skinny and I’m 40 now – which when weighing in on Jan 5th left me with a 3 stone 12 oz weight loss target. Quite a bit to shift but so far so good as I’m 1 stone 10 oz down in 5 weeks. It’s not revolutionary though – it’s not the latest craze, the 5 day 2 day diet thing, just eat less and exercise more. Plan the week’s meals in advance, cook everything from scratch, no processed rubbish – quite timely with the horsemeat scandal – and count the calories. 1200 – 1300 a day which is roughly half or the normal daily allowance for a man. 300 for breakfast, same for lunch, 400 for dinner and 200/300 for fruit, snacks and milk during the day. A 2 lb a week loss will get me to 15 stone by the end of August.

I can recommend buying their book from which I have cooked many of the recipes. For example last Sunday was bacon with poached egg and balsamic tomatoes for breakfast, chicken ceasar salad for lunch and chicken jalfrezi for dinner.

All I need to do is keep at it and I’ll let you know how I get on – and try and do some more gardening as well!!


11 responses to “Too cold!

  1. We did the same thing when we hot 50 and went for smaller portions (less meat more veg) and bought an exerciser. It worked so now we just keep a general eye on weight and have an acceptable level to maintain.

    • Portion size is where I’ve gone wrong over the years Sue, but once you get used to reducing the amount you have each meal it gets easier. Once I hit target – hopefully – I then need to stop it creeping back.

  2. It’s snowing here at the moment, and laying unfortunately. I went on a healthy eating regime last year and lost 2 stone 6 pounds. I couldn’t be bothered counting calories, I just cut down on portion size and cut out snacks between meals, and exercised. Some of the weight has gone back on over Christmas, so i really need to get back in the mindframe again now. It’s half term for us next week, which is handy as my son turns eighteen, so at least he doesn’t have to go to school on his birthday.

    • Hi Jo, oh dear more snow, it’s come to nothing here fortunately but too cold to venture out so I’m baking banana cupcakes with the girls – can’t eat any though but they’ll enjoy them! I like stats and numbers so counting calories for me is part of the whole thing, but in principle it’s cutting down and exercising more which is why I can’t understand why all these fad diets get the publicity and make so much money. Not going to school on your birthday now there’s a treat!

  3. Well done big yin!

  4. Good for you Dammo, all the best, at least this is something you can work on whatever the weather! And btw thank you, it was your Madhur Jaffrey recipe that turned me on to cooking “proper” curries from scratch, which then got me buying her “Curry Bible”, from which point I have never looked back. You have changed our culinary lives!!

    • Hi Janet, thanks very much and great to hear you’re loving the curries, I don’t think you can beat them homemade. Thankfully I have a low cal chicken jalfrezi recipe, I couldn’t give up my curries!!

  5. Well done so far Damo…Sounds like you have your mind on achieving your goal… It is not easy – I know better than most how difficult dieting it!

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