All Tucked Up!

All tucked up

Despite the sub-zero temperatures the work has started on the Two Chances Plot. The mixes for the long parsnips and carrots have been made, passed through the shredder and the pipes are filled. I was going to sow this weekend but it’s too cold so I spent the time fixing four layers of bubblewrap around the pipes, then a couple of layers of fleece, then two bench covers – hopefully this will help warm the soil ready for next weekend’s sowing. There’ll be 6 pipes for the parnsips and 16 for the carrots so I should get some good ones for the end of August show I’ll hopefully be entering. The varieties will be Palace (parsnips) and New Red Intermediate (carrots) and I also have some bins to sow a stump carrot variety Sweet Candle.

Apart from starting some chillies and aubergines off indoors, planting the garlic out, and a few shallots and broad beans in the greenhouse that’s all I’ve done so far. I think it’s going to be a busy March,hopefully with some milder weather!!

12 responses to “All Tucked Up!

  1. watching with interest 🙂
    i want to grow some big carrots but just for a bit of fun

    • Hi Kim I’m no expert but it’s relatively easy to grow long carrots. To get them to a top standard is another matter and many growers will go to inordinate lengths to perfect the art. I’m somewhere in the middle!

  2. Maybe if we all make a wish the weather sprites will listen.

  3. Wow mate,looking really serious this year

  4. It has been bitterly cold – wish I was a snug when working outside as your carrot and parsnip homes look!

  5. ALL you’ve done? Just got some spuds and onion sets at the local potato day on Sunday and started them off. 12 different varieties to do a tattie trial.

  6. My first visit to your blog so Hi,found you on the blotanicals list,forecast looking a bit better for the weekend so lets all cross our fingers

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