April showers…..

More like April torrential rain today! I feel like this year is already well behind with the cold winter and early spring. Hopefully we’ll get some decent weather and everything will catch up soon.

There’s three main areas of activity at the moment. Firstly the south-facing living room windowsill the best place for young seedlings. There’s a couple of pots of rocket – interesting in exactly the same conditions Runaway is far outstripping Va-Va Voom – Lettuce (Little Gem), Aubergines (Money Maker), Chillies (Joe’s Long), Celery (Morning Star) and Tomatoes (Sungold). All are making good progress and I’ll keep sowing rocket and lettuce every couple of weeks throughout the season. Later in the spring these will be sown direct into a three tier planter that I’m putting near the kitchen door for ease of picking when we need a few leaves.


Next is the cold greenhouse which is housing shallots and onion sets that haven’t gone out yet. Broad beans (Longfellow), and various brassicas – Cauliflower (Romanesque & Cornell), Brussel Sprouts (Wellington), Cabbage (Ramco), Calabrese (Aquiles), land cress and more lettuce.


And lastly there’s the pipes that I covered in the last post – and the carrots and parsnips have germinated so the cover is off and each one has the top portion of a plastic bottle protecting the seedlings which I’ll thin down to one in the next week or so. The stump carrots aren’t through yet but should be by next weekend. I’ve started three potato planters with Charlotte and the task of filling the polypots and getting the Kestrel, Winston and Amour out has begun and will be finished next weekend. On the showing front I’m aiming for the NVS SW show which is at the end of August so I have time yet.

I hope you’re all having a nice weekend and managing to get some jobs done despite the miserable weather. Here’s hoping we actually get a summer this year!!

10 responses to “April showers…..

  1. Looks like it going to be another challenging year, weather-wise! have you put “Polytunnel” on your Wishlist yet?

  2. I hope you get some good planting weather soon. It is very dry here right now and the temperatures quite high for autumn. Mixed up for sure. I have been planting my brassicas and broad beans (amongst other things) which we grow over winter. It is just too hot for them in our Australian summers.

  3. We didn’t get anything done this weekend as we had arranged to go out! – Typical

  4. All very organised and healthy looking seedlings there Damo. I am really hoping for a gradual warm-up rather than sudden violent fluctuations, temperature-wise, just to keep everything going nicely. Must get hold of some romanesque seed, I don’t have room for may brassicas but I do fancy a few of those.

  5. Oh my good grief – this is amazing! You are so ready to go and oh my so much food – I’d get looking at some new recipes, yummy. My poor Andrew needs a greenhouse!

    • Thanks Carrie, having a greenhouse does make it easier to bring on the plants. Still way behind what I would normally have sown by this time last year though but there’s plenty of time to catch up.

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