Not a post about the 80s miners strike………my potatoes are covered in SCAB!


These are a mixture of Amour and Kestrel. Whilst fine to eat they are not going to win any prizes so I’m scratching around for my show entries for Monday!

Why is the question? They were grown in 17L polypots of a specially designed compost mix. I’ve saved the mix in bags to use again – does that present a risk of transfer? At present I don’t have the answers but if you do please leave a comment! Thanks.


11 responses to “Scab…….

  1. I always thought scab was a soil bound bacteria so is there garden soil in your compost mix?

    • Just been reading about it Sue. Common scab is soil borne bacteria – I think I may have let the compost get too dry at a crucial stage of the development. I used exactly the same commercially available mix and process as I did last year and last year there was no scab at all. Hasn’t affected the amount and they are perfectly good to eat once peeled. The mix is specifically for growing potatoes for showing so I’m sure it would have been “clean” before I started. I sink the polypots into a raised bed so I guess the scab could have transferred across.

  2. I don’t know the first thing about scab but at least all is not lost as they’re still edible.

  3. I think it’s caused by dry conditions big D.

  4. Hi Damo! You seem to have found all the answers to your scab problem – it’s always worth being scrupulous about cleaning your pots, bags and tools as there’s a lot of bacteria waiting to strike – so I’ll just wish you luck for your show entries! Hope it goes well for you!

  5. Hi Damo. I suffered the same fate as you with my potatoes this year. I only managed one show with potatoes out of 100 bags. The main problem is allowing them to get dry at tuber initiation. Even although you thought they were wet enough the couldn’t have been. I know at least one top Scottish grower who re uses his peat every year. He sterilises it using a week bleach solution then mixes in his fertilisers just befor he is ready to plant. Cheeres Hoss

    • Good advice Hoss I think my long carrots and parsnips also suffered from lack of water. I think in dry conditions you can’t really over water so I will be more on the ball next year!

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