Corsley Show

Today was the Corsley Show, near Warminster, Wiltshire which played host to the NVS South West of England District Association show. This is open to any NVS member, particularly those in the south-west and there were two or three of the exhibitors who would be considered at a national standard.

I managed to stage 4 entries – mini-collection, 3 long carrots, 8 exhibition shallots and 9 pickling shallots. There is also an Open Show side which is basically a village show of veg, flowers and handicrafts but I didn’t enter anything. In addition to the Horticulture marquee there was a funfair, horse show, dog show, heavy horses, falconry etc., a really good day out for the family who had to endure an early start so I could get my veg staged before 9 a.m. As an exhibitor I had a complimentary ticket to the show also.

We finally got back into the marquee at 12.30 p.m. after the judging had finished and out of the 4 classes I picked up three cards, a second and two thirds. Considering I already knew I hadn’t won the mini-collection as one of my two large long carrots had split I’ll call it three cards out of three entered! I was particularly pleased with the two shallot classes which I’ve never entered before apart from the 5 shallot class in my local village show.

Shallots pickling

These were my pickling shallots. There were quite a few entries as you can see below.

Pickling class

And my exhbition shallots did quite well also. What they lacked in size they made up for in uniformity.

Shallots exhibition

Below are the first prize winner (bottom) and the second prize winner in the class.

Shallots winner and second

I was third in the long carrot class (my set is the second from bottom, with the second place just above mine and the first place is two from the top).

Carrot class

The best exhibit went to Mark Hall’s long carrots which were part of his large collection entry and were easily the best veg exhibit in the marquee.

Large collection

There were also some good entries in the onion and potato classes.


Onions small


I picked up £13 in prize money. All in all a very nice day out and I must say a big thank you to all the NVS SW DA organisers who made me feel so welcome and gave me some good tips and advice. I hope to come back with more entries next year!!


9 responses to “Corsley Show

  1. Well done Damo! I know i’m not really qualifed to comment, but it looks to me as if you need to work on the sand aspect!! (But the shallots were evidently damn fine ones).

  2. Well spotted and you’re absolutely right Mark. I turned up with bog standard horticultural sand when I should have been using kiln dried sand. Apparently the moisture in the sand could have made the shallots swell which may have caused a problem if staging overnight or in a 3 day show. I will have to get some plastic saucers and different sand organised for next time. I need to work on my presentation!

  3. Well done mate, very pleased for you

  4. Well done Damo. You need a squeegee as well to get that nice smooth finish to the sand 🙂

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