Last of the Summer veg

It’s not been a great September temparture-wise and the summer veg is now winding down.


The Courgette plants have finally succumbed to mildew with just a few fruits left. In the greenhouse the last few dozen Sungold tomatoes are ripening, there’s Joe’s Long chillies to pick and the Etuida peppers have ripened. All in all there’s not much summer veg left. So it’s over to the parnsips, leeks, beetroot and brussel sprouts to keep the harvest going along with the potatoes in store.

The seed catalogues are hitting the doormat and the planning for next year starts again!


8 responses to “Last of the Summer veg

  1. How have your chillis been this year, Damo? Mine have not been very hot. I would have thought that the hot Summer would have made them hotter.

  2. Chilli’s look really good mate
    Be happy to share with you lol

  3. Our September hasn’t been too bad Damo which is a good job with how late things were to reach maturity

  4. I still seem to have plenty coming in at the moment, the courgettes are still in full production. I’ve only really got parsnips to fall back on for the winter though, and the beans haven’t been very good so there’s none in the freezer.

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