Monthly Archives: October 2013

Boxing Clever

Quite a productive weekend, having moved a tonne bag of sand by hand from Darren’s allotment to his new house we built a new box in which I can grow my long veg next year. The box is 3 foot square and 5 foot high made from gravel boards bought in my local Scats and it sits on top of what was originally my smallest raised bed. The plan is to build another one alongside and grow carrots in one and parnsips in the other. The boxes will be filled with sharp sand to be cored out at a later date ready for sowing in February. Underneath is some good quality soil which will feed the tap roots if they get that far!

carrot box

I also picked some Autumn veg for dinner – Brussels, parsnips and beetroot – to go with the cabbage and potatoes in store.

Autumn veg


And on Sunday we had a lovely day out at Kingston Lacy a National Trust property near Wimbourne Minster in Dorset.

Kingston Lacy

Well worth a visit if you’re in the area it’s a large house with huge formal grounds on an estate. We enjoyed looking round the house and strolling around the gardens which included a large kitchen garden area and community allotment.