Potato Day

Today was the 16th Hampshire Potato Day as I mentioned in a previous postDarren and I were up bright and early with his Landrover loaded and off to Whitchurch which is about 40 minutes from us.

The large school hall was packed – about half was taken by the potatoes, around 300 different varieties to choose from in either packs or individual tubers.  The standard well known varities but also plenty of unusual ones to try out with expert advice on hand to guide you through the bewildering number of them!



The rest of the hall was individual stalls like ours – the NVS Hamsphire DA stand – which we use to spread the word about the NVS, “a growing society” and to fund raise by selling various plants, seeds and sundry items.  We were also promoting our veg growing Seminar in March – more of that in the next post.  It was an extremely busy day, the first hour after the doors opened at 10am was very busy and then it thinned out to a good crowd who could actually move around freely at that point!



We did well with lots of interest in our stand and what we had to say which was great to see.  We were joined by our Chairman Ted Perren a well known grower in the Hants/Wilts area and we managed to keep up with the flow of enquiries.  Many familiar faces stopped by and we were visited by fellow blogger Mark and his wife.

If you’re thinking of going there’s still a chance tomorrow between 10am and 3pm.

I bought a few varieties – Pentland Javelin, Winston, Kestrel, Bonnie, Charlotte and a new variety recommended by the owner called Carolus (supposedly fully blight resistant) which I took 5 tubers of to try out.

A very good day and it was great to see so many people there!


7 responses to “Potato Day

  1. A fully blight resistant potato – if it works it will be god dust!

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  3. Yes I’m not quite sure about that, time will tell I guess. Thought they were worth a try!

  4. It looks a good potato though Sue. Like you, I will believe it when I see it but I have said I will trial this for the supplier andgrow it under exihibition standards to give it, it;s best chance

    Goodright up Damo

  5. A brilliant occasion, Damo! Nice to meet you after all this time! I got all the potatoes I wanted – and a few more!

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