Long Carrots Sown

In the previous post I mentioned I’d soaked the carrot box a few times to try and ensure the sand was as compact as possible. At the weekend I had time to core out and fill the holes. This was the first time I’d used this method and fortunately had Darren on hand to give me some pointers and he also did a fair amount of the work as well which meant I was just about finished in time at 6 p.m. on Sunday when darkness fell. Without his help I would have needed another weekend to get the job done! For anyone who has not done this before there’s definitely a knack to it and quite a bit of hard work involved!

Carrot box

I had marked out a grid to get 25 holes in but on reflection this was too many to fit in so I ended up with 20 holes leaving a reasonable amount of space in the centre. Hopefully this will allow enough air circulation around the carrots and allow each one to grow successfully to full size.

Each hole is 3 inches in diameter and 4 foot deep. Gradually the sand is removed using 3 different pipe diameters with the final one being the 3 inch pipe. Then each hole is filled with a mix of Levington’s F2S and calcified seaweed. The filling takes the longest to complete – using a funnel the mix is slowly added ensuring that no sand is knocked into the hole. The mix is “tamped down” after every funnel full using a broom handle that is carefully lowered down the centre, again making sure no sand is knocked down the hole. Finally the mix reaches the top and is tamped down again until it is slightly raised above the level of sand. Once all the holes are filled 4 carrots seeds are sown into each one and then a layer of fleece on top and polythene to keep the rain off. Then it’s over to nature to take its’ course over the next couple of weeks.

There’s a lot of work that goes into this when you consider the F2S is shredded and bagged up initially then mixed with the calcified seaweed added. Then it’s a days work to core out and fill the holes – I just hope it works after all that!!


7 responses to “Long Carrots Sown

  1. I’ve never tried growing in sand before, do you need to buy a particular type? Surely you need a nutrient rich type to grow carrots?

  2. Oh my word, what alot of work, hope it works.

  3. I admire your work! I hope it works out! i’ll admit I simply couldn’t be arsed with that degree of preparation. I’m toying with trying to get some squash underway early to enter a phallic display in the Oxted and Edenbridge Agricultural show!

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