Winter Greens

The lettuce planted in the greenhouse have done really well over winter and keep us supplied with plenty of leaves for sandwiches. There’s a couple of land cress plants also which are easy to grow and give a bit of variety at this time of year.

Winter lettuce

With the warmer weather I decided to sow some parsnips (Gladiator), carrots (Sweet Candle, Match, Flyaway, Purple Haze) and some broad beans (Longfellow) direct in the beds. And I also finally got round to planting out a few spring cabbages I had in pots.

Spring Cabbage

The shallots are coming on well – now thinking of keeping them in pots to save space in the beds.


On various windowsills indoors there’s chillies, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes chitting. I’ve just sown another batch of tomatoes and some cabbages.

All in all quite a productive day and long may this warmer weather continue!!


6 responses to “Winter Greens

  1. Brilliant gardening weather this weekend, Damo! I have little plastic greenhouses stuffed with pots now – brassicas, endives, lettuce, leeks etc. I haven’t grown Landcress for a couple of years now, but your pic has reminded me of it, so I may get some.
    I’ll probably be planting some potatoes in two weeks time – in pots, under cover though. (The ones I got at Whitchurch.)

  2. It certainly was Mark – and we had a lovely day out in Weymouth today too. It’s good to get sowing, there will soon be trays on every available windowsill! Potatoes is the next big job for me in a couple of weeks.

  3. Those shallots are really growing. Just one thing though I know onions hate being pot bound, We left some of ours in pots for too long last year and they never recovered.

    • Thanks Sue I’m going to research growing them in pots as I’ve heard of someone doing it successfully. Alternatively I have plans for a couple more beds so should have space soon.

  4. Right, that’s it! Next house (forever home type of house) a priority shall be a greenhouse, darn it!!! I am overcome with jealously x

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