Plot update

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been very busy in the garden. Things are moving on quickly now as the weather is warming up.


The brassicas are coming along well. There’s 4 cabbages – Dutch White, a few broccoli – Aquiles, and Cauliflower – a Romenesco variety, the purple Graffiti and the standard white variety Cornell.


And the spring cabbages are almost ready to start cutting. I usually cut a cross in the stem from which more spring greens will sprout. Very nice with a Sunday roast and also great shredded as an alternative to rice if you’re watching the calories.

Long carrots

The long carrots are starting to take off now, still fairly small but they will put on loads of growth in the next few weeks.

Shallot thinnings

And finally I thinned my exhibition shallots down to 3 shallots per plant and these have been very tasty in our lunchtime wraps over the last couple of weeks.

After recent renovations of the front garden I’m planning some new raised beds – more of this in the next post – needless to say the extra work is keeping me very busy!!

5 responses to “Plot update

  1. What is the purpose of the blue rope, Damo?

    • Hi Mark good question – the carrot box is constructed from gravel boards which are screwed together into stakes at each corner. It’s about 5 foot high and the first attempt collapsed once filled with sand so 4 stakes have been driven in on the outside centre of each side and tied together with rope to ensure the structure is stable. I will probably remove the rope at some point as it’s no longer tight as the box has settled and is hopefully stable now fingers crossed!

  2. Do you just grow the shallots for show Damo or do you have some you just grow to use.?

    • Hi Sue both – I only grow the main show variety Hative de Niort – we do eat the thinnings and any that are surplus to the stock I will keep back and store for next year’s use. They are good value from a show perspective as they can be used in more than one show unlike most other veg and they taste great too! Plus once you have a stock they can be recycled each year – to buy the show varieties can be quite expensive. Pickled in balsamic vinegar is one of my favourites.

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