Plot update – Halfway point

With the dry weather we’ve had over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy on the plot keeping everything watered, hence the lack of blog posts, and with the warmer conditions the veg has really come on and I’m harvesting everyday now.

Firstly you’ll remember I put three new beds in the front garden, two of which have been filled up with soil and crops were planted a few weeks ago.


The runner beans and french beans (both climbing and dwarf) are doing well with lots of flowers on them. I keep the runner beans well watered and support the dwarf french beans so when the beans develop they are off the soil.


In the adjacent bed the brussel sprouts are looking strong – I’ve earthed them up for stability – and there’s a couple of rows of swede squeezed in before the broad beans with a few squash dotted around that will start to scramble over the paths. Everything is looking great, dark green and lush which bodes well for harvest time.


I’m particularly pleased with this cauliflower (Cornell) as I’ve found them hard to get right in the past. This is one of Darren’s spares and has turned out really well.


Alongside the cauliflowers the broccoli just keeps on coming. For productivity in such a small space over a relatively short growing season it’s one of the best veg in my opinion. The whole family love it and eaten fresh from the plot is incomparable to the stale supermarket version.


I constructed a makeshift greenhouse for my cucumbers and they love the hothouse conditions all sealed up with a good daily watering and weekly feed. They’re over 6 foot high now and we should have the first cucumbers in 10 days which will see us through to the end of October.


The fruit has been the star of the show so far this year with the raspberries providing a phenomenal harvest, we can’t keep up with them! There’s also strawberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries as well.

Raspberry muffins

We all have produce gluts from time to time and rather than eating the fruit and veg straight off the plot it can be made into something gorgeous like these raspberry and white chocolate muffins that Rachel made. And if, like us, you have a 10 year old bottle of Limoncello lurking at the back of the cupboard from that long forgotten Italian holiday why not try raspberry and limoncello semifredo which is in the freezer at the moment, can’t wait to try that!


The chillies and peppers look great as well and have lots of flowers coming into fruit. I have high hopes for these and it’s certainly the most plants I’ve grown in one season so fingers crossed we will have a good harvest come September/October.


And last one of my favourites the tomatoes – Sungold – are around 6 foot high now and we’re starting to pick the first of those wonderful golden cherry fruits which will come thick and fast now over the next few months.

I’m sure you’re all harvesting loads of great produce at the moment. The Two Chances harvest list at the end of June is lettuce, rocket, radish, shallots, broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants. Next I need to dig up some potatoes to see how they have got on. It’s a great time of year to see everything growing so fast and so much lovely fresh food to eat!


9 responses to “Plot update – Halfway point

  1. That cauliflower certainly is impressive, Damo! I would be proud if I had grown one like that. I’m intrigued about earthing-up the Brussels Sprouts. I tie mine to stakes, but I’m wondering if your method would be better. The potatoes I got at the Whitchuch Potato Day are doing really well. I dug up some “Blue Kestrel” today, and they look amazing!

    • I’ve used both methods before Mark and may well stake them at some point. Good to hear the potatoes are doing well. I’ve just dug up some Pentland Javelin which look good – I think I went over the top with potatoes this year, there should be enough to see us well into 2015!

  2. You’re a bit ahead of is Damo but the harvests are now getting going. I’ve made those muffins in the past – you’ve just reminded ,me of them.

  3. Everything’s looking fabulous, you’ll be eating well this year. The raspberry and white chocolate muffins look good, I’ll have to give them a go. Glad to see that your garden helper is still enthusiastic.

  4. Hi Damo at last I’ve found time to see what you are up to. Congrats on your veggies in the show ! The carrots look amazing, although I have to admit I’ve never understood all the fuss and trouble gone to to get perfect veg or flowers come to that . It’s somehow doesn’t seem natural ! But then I’m not competitive in anything and I’m sure you have to be to put so much effort into it. I’m amazed and envious on how much you grow in your garden, it looks so healthy and lush. Have you still got your allotment ?

    I’m giving mine up in a few weeks time, after almost 8 years ( next February) I just don’t have the time anymore so it will be a relief when I don’t have to weed such a large area anymore. I’m hoping to put a few raised beds in the garden if I can bear to give up some flower space for them ! I only hope I can grow half as much as you do in your garden .
    M x

    • Hi Maureen nice to hear from you and thank you very much I do enjoy growing a few veg for the show. I haven’t got an allotment anymore, I gave it a go for two years and even though it was only 10 minutes away I still found it a real struggle to visit frequently enough. I’m lucky to have enough space in my own garden so I’ve decided to concentrate on what I have at home. In fact I’ve just finished a new growing area which I will write about soon. Hope all goes well with your new raised beds and I look forward to reading about your progress. BTW the Pink Giraffe is still going strong!

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