Hot or Sweet Trio

I’ve been pleased with my crop of peppers this year, I think the warm early summer gave them a boost and they’re now cropping nicely.

Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of chillies and am growing three varieties this year.


The first is Apache which gives an abundance of small, red, fiery-looking fruits.


Then there’s Fatali giving larger odd-shaped yellow fruits.


And finally one of my favourites, Joe’s Long, with chillies up to 30cm long developing a deep red colour. These are a medium (“madras”) strength and I’m looking forward to seeing what the other two taste like.


The first sweet pepper I’m growing is Denver which have cropped well(compared to my previous attempts) with 4 to 6 large fruits per plant.


Etiuda is a variety I’ve grown for a few years – from Eastern Europe I think so can stand a colder summer – and gives nice orange fruits.


Lastly there’s Jumbo which is living up to it’s name giving me the largest pepper of the lot.


And here’s this morning’s harvest…………

I’d be interested in any varieties you have to recommend for next year’s sowing. Have a great weekend all.

8 responses to “Hot or Sweet Trio

  1. Hi Damo; I’m posting to my blog about chillis today, so you can see what I’m growing this year. Current favourite is “Ohnivec” – great colours (green, then cream, the purple splashes, then yellow, orange and finally red!) and a decent level of hear – as you say, “Madras” strength! That Fatalii should be pretty fiery, so be careful… I wish I liked eating Peppers, because those ones of yours look really appetising.

  2. Thanks Mark I will pop over and have a read. Just added a picture of this morning’s harvest. I will proceed with caution on Fatali guessing it’s a Scotch Bonnet type. The sweet ones tend to end up in a curry I love the colour and texture they add to the dish.

  3. I like the look of Joe’s Long, I may give that a go, though I have three chilli plants (Navaho) that over winter well and keep me in chillies for most of the year. Always fun to try something new though! I think I will give up on sweet peppers though, I don’t really have the space to over winter them and allow them to grow big enough to produce a useful number of fruits.

    • I agree if I didn’t have a greenhouse I wouldn’t be able to grow any – I usually have around a dozen plants. I haven’t tried overwintering yet maybe that’s the way to get a better crop. Would recommend Joe’s Long they’ve been a good variety and have the interest of a long chilli that develops into a deep red colour.

  4. I haven’t bothered with peppers this year, but I had a great harvest from my plants last year. I grew Corno di Toro Rosso and I had loads from each plant.

  5. Corno di Toro Rosso look good in the photos, I will look out for it.

  6. Hello
    Is there any possibilities of buying Joe’s Long chillies seeds, please?


    Sara Saad

    • Hi Sara, the Joe’s Long are a F1 variety so may not come true from saved seed. I bought mine from Dobies of Devon but I’m sure they’re widely available from a number of seed merchants. They’re a great variety which I highly recommend.

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