Project complete!

Some of you may remember I started a project a few months ago to convert part of the front garden into a vegetable growing area. This was the far end by the road which had an old 12ft by 6ft raised bed surrounded by conifers and a very large and quite dead bush.

By the halfway point of the season the trellis fence had gone in separating the area from the main garden and two of the beds were up and running, one with beans and the other with Brussels, swede and squash. My father had made the beds up and I then moved them into position, leveled them up and lined the insides with black plastic for a bit of extra protection.


I eventually got round to digging out the paths, putting down a weed membrane which I then covered with 10mm shingle. I’m really pleased with the results. It’s turned an area that we didn’t use and looked a bit disheveled into a lovely, practical space that I like to spend time in!!


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