Leeks & Leftovers

It’s become a tradition in our house to use up the leftover Christmas turkey in a Turkey & Leek pie which keeps us fuelled through to New Year.  I planted nearly 70 leeks in the summer and they’re standing well in the plot.  Yesterday I lifted a few to give me the 2 kilos I needed for this Jamie Oliver recipe.


They always look a bit grotty at this time of year but once you’ve removed the first layer they are pristine white and well blanched, and sweated down into a lovely sweet filling for the pie along with the leftover turkey, streaky bacon and bits of stuffing and sausage meat.

I don’t faff around with the last part of the recipe – rolling out the pastry and folding in chestnuts and sage leaves – just an egg wash and into the oven.


And there you have it from plot to plate in a couple of hours! A hearty belly filler, just the job at this time of year.

Not much going on at the plot, just harvesting a few parsnips and leeks, with squash, beetroot and potatoes in store. I should be sorting out my long parsnip and carrot mixes really but I’ve been busy over Christmas and prefer to be out and about rather than in the garage. Like this morning when I was out for a couple of hours on the mountain bike in fabulous winter sunshine.


Hope you’re all having a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

10 responses to “Leeks & Leftovers

  1. Nice pie! I watched Jamie Oliver doing his recipe just the other day. I think one day when I have plenty of time I will try the business with rolling Sage and Chestnuts into the pastry. I bet you didn’t sieve your leeks to achieve the “perfect” level of moistness…

    • I’m sure the pastry would taste good but it’s extra work that I’m not sure adds that much more. I did sieve the leek mixture as I wanted to have lots of gravy to offer around – although you could pretty much achieve this by just pouring the liquor straight from the pan into a spare pan – that’s an improvement I can make next time!. It was a tasty pie and we have leftovers of leftovers tonight!!

  2. That looks well tasty, can almost smell it from here.
    All the best for the New Year

  3. Sounds like it was delicious. All the best to you and yours for 2015. happy gardening!

  4. Damo, your approach to cooking seems very much in line with the principles of VSR! (Value for space Rating). If 90% of the taste can be achieved with 10% of the effort, maybe pushing for the full 100% looks less attractive…

    • Definitely Mark it’s the same with veg growing, there are many corners to be cut and you don’t lose much in the way of quantity or quality. I have other things to be doing rather than wringing out that extra 10% for little gain!

  5. I left a comment earlier but it has disappeared leeks are always a good companion for poultry

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