It’s Only Just Begun………

Well the new season has started with the long parsnips sown last weekend.  I’d cored out 16 holes the week before and sowed 4 seeds per hole before covering with bubble wrap.  They’ll take 4 weeks or so to appear.  The variety is Panorama and I’m hoping to enter a set into the New Forest Show at the end of July.


Next weekend it’s the turn of the stump carrots – Sweet Candle – followed by the Long Carrots the week after.

I also need to get on with potting up the shallots and sowing the chillies – it’s already getting busy!!


3 responses to “It’s Only Just Begun………

  1. We’re still digging up and eating last years although they won’t win any prizes.

  2. So am I Sue you can’t beat parsnips over the winter.

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