Re-vamped raised beds

It’s been 8 years since I put up the original raised beds in the back garden and started growing veg and it was long overdue for an overhaul. I used gravel boards which have done well considering they were a cheap material and quite thin but I now wanted something that looked better and would last for a long time.


Originally there were two beds – one of 18ftx6ft and one of 12ftx6ft.


These were replaced by six new beds of various sizes with shingle paths all round.



The timber is much thicker and should last for 15 years. I’m looking forward to planting these up next spring.


5 responses to “Re-vamped raised beds

  1. What a joy to behold! I am gradually replacing my raised beds too, making them much deeper than before – 40cm deep as opposed to 20cm. Lots of hard work involved though…

  2. Thanks Mark I’m very pleased with the result much better than before and more in keeping with a back garden as opposed to an allotment. Agree lots of hard work about 3 days from start to finish although a fair amount of time was moving soil around. Starting from scratch would be easier!

  3. It all looks really smart. It will look fantastic when planted up.

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