Monthly jobs – January

Despite the often freezing conditions there’s still plenty of jobs to be getting on with on the plot and in the garden this month………….

Under Cover
• Start to chit seed potatoes in trays making sure they are frost free.  The speed of chitting depends on the temperature so keep an eye on them as you’re aiming for a healthy chit of a few mm by the time you plant them out in March.
• Clean greenhouse panes thoroughly – Jeyes Fluid is ideal for this. Disinfect and light a sulphur candle to deal with any pests and diseases.
• Insulate greenhouse with bubble-wrap to retain heat if you are starting plants early.
• Pot on winter lettuces.
• Move strawberry pots into a warm greenhouse to bring them on early.
• Check stored fruit, veg and any tubers to ensure rot has not started.

On the Plot
• Keep removing yellowing leaves from brassicas.
• Firm any loosened shallots and onions. Plant sets if you haven’t already.
• Dig a trench for runner beans and fill with green kitchen waste.
• Plant garlic, sow broad beans if the ground is not frozen.
• Put forcing jar, or similar, on top of emerging rhubarb to force crop of tender stems early. Also a good time to lift and divide crowded rhubarb.
• Cover bare soil with fleece or cloches to warm up for sowing.
• If soil is workable continue to dig over and add manure if not already done so.
• Test soil to gauge its requirements for the coming season.

In the Garden
• Tidy up borders, cut back grasses before new growth emerges, and mulch.
• Good time to move shrubs if they are in the wrong position.
• Take hardwood cuttings.
• Plant new Roses. Prune existing plants.
• Avoid walking on lawns in frosty weather and remove fallen leaves regularly. If conditions are suitable it’s a good time to tidy-up lawn edges.
• Service lawn mower and check over garden tools.

Help Wildlife
• Continue to top up bird tables and feeders, and unfreeze bird bath.
• Great time to build a nest box to encourage more birds into your garden, they’ll return the summer eating pests in summer.

• Summer flowering bulbs for spring planting.
• Order veg and summer bedding seeds if you haven’t already.

Harvest – if you’re fortunate enough to still have any veg left on the plot……..
Leek, Parsnip, Swede, Kale, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Carrot, Celeriac, Brussel Sprouts, Purple Sprouting, Jerusalem Artichokes.

If you have any other January jobs please share them by adding a comment to this post. Whatever you decide to do this month enjoy your garden!


2 responses to “Monthly jobs – January

  1. Put like that, January sounds like a very busy time! My biggest task in the near future is the construction of some new raised beds, replacing ones whose timber has rotted.

    • Must admit I’ve re-read the list and thought I haven’t done anything this month! Need it to warm up a bit though. Glad I finished my beds off when it was mild a few weeks ago – very pleased with the results, a satisfying task. Hope it goes well.

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