Tender veg

By this time in the season the tender veg you’ve sown will be coming along nicely and it’s time to pot them on which is what I’ve been doing this evening.

I sowed both green (Ambassador) and yellow (Orelia) fruiting courgettes.  You don’t need to have many plants as there’s only so many courgettes you can eat!  I have 3 yellow and 2 green as I find the yellow fruiting varieties less productive than the green ones.  It will be a while before they go out into their final positions and this evening I’ve moved them from the seed trays to individual pots taking care not to disturb the roots.  They’ll stay in the greenhouse for now.  And when they go out I will still protect them on cold nights up to the end of May / early June.

On the tomato front I’m just growing Sungold this year, a yellow cherry variety that I love.  They’re developing a good root system and will go into the greenhouse bed in a couple of weeks or so.

Other tender veg I’m growing are outdoor cucumbers (Marketmore), bush marrows (Sunburst), butternut squash (hunter) and squash (autumn crown).  Plus a few chillies and peppers.  I was really impressed with the shelf life of Autumn Crown after having some still left in the garage 7 months after harvesting.

I’m not showing veg this year so it’s been a much more relaxing start to the season.  Normally I’m getting my mixes ready in January and sowing the long parsnips and carrots in February in the freezing cold.  Not this year, apart from a few chillies and tomatoes I only started sowing a month ago.

Another change this year, given the very cheap price of veg in discount supermarkets – 19p for bags of parsnips and carrots in Aldi over Easter for example – is I’m concentrating on what is hard to find in the shops, is expensive, is so much better eaten straight from the veg plot, or I just enjoy growing.  Whilst I’ll still grow a few root crops there’s no point in devoting too much space when you can buy perfectly good veg so cheaply.  Another example is onions which I don’t bother growing anymore.

Hope you’re having a good season so far.  If you’ve missed sowing look out for local plants sales, there tends to plenty around during May where you can buy quality plants cheaply to fill any gaps in your plans.


2 responses to “Tender veg

  1. I find that, from the last few years since I have started growing my own vegetables, it makes no sense to grow difficult crops like carrots with its carrot fly, or broad beans with an early spread of black flies, because you can buy them lovely form Aldi, like you mentioned. or Lidl.
    I have been focusing of the slightly more expensive varieties like courgettes, beans, kale, rocket, strawberries., and herbs. They are relatively easy to grow as well.

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