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Hi, welcome to my blog about growing veg and, from time-to-time, other stuff that interests me.  The other pages are my story of walking the Pennine Way and the Rideway with friends. Hope you find it useful.

The name of the blog “Two Chances” reflects my attitude to growing. Everything has two chances – live or die – so I let nature take its’ course and I don’t interfere too much.

I’m 43, married with 2 children, so with working full-time the veg plot is just a hobby really, nothing too serious.  It all started when we moved house in March 2007 to a village just outside of Salisbury, South Wiltshire.  Our new house had a garden big enough to dedicate a small area to a veg plot and already had a small, glass greenhouse up and running.  So I decided to build some simple raised beds, you can catch up on how the plot evolved here.

45 responses to “About Me & My Plot

  1. Legend Damo, I’m following you

  2. Hi Damo, or should that be Dynamo? You’ve certainly achieved a hell of a lot for your second year. Your high pH problem is one I have never experienced but it certainly seems to be good for the veg! Thanks for visiting my plot, I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress in 2010


    • Thanks Mal, yes the high pH doesn’t seem to be doing much harm! I think you can get too hung up on the details, pretty much everything I plant grows. Here’s to a successful 2010!! Damo.

  3. Nice site, good work, well done! I sound like a teacher! No, its well put together. Its bookmarked! Trevor.

    • Not at all Trevor thanks for your comments. I see you have a cottage in Brittany we booked a few months ago and are really looking forward to it, looks like a lovely part of France.

      • It is! We moved out here 6 years ago and have a cottage on the North coast of Brittany. We work as gardeners for French and English. It provides a steady income but this year we decided to run a gite as well. We are having some lovely weather here at the moment, yesterday was 15c. Hope you have a great holiday and keep up the good work.

      • I’m very envious Trevor, we’ve had a couple of holidays in the Dordogne and loved it, the slower pace of life in rural France is perfect. Looking forward to Brittany!

  4. dariaelisabeth

    heya 🙂
    great blog and photos, very well done!
    greetings from germany and a happy easter sunday to you and your family!
    daria x

  5. Hello
    I’m helping to organise a bloggers event at Barnsdale Gardens next month, and would like to tell you more about it – would you let me know where I can send you more details?

  6. Have you got round to your fruit cage yet? I would really like one!

  7. What a great blog. I’ve only just come across your blog but will definitely be calling back on a regular basis. The veg you grow looks amazing.

  8. Hello, Just found your lovely blog. Looks like you’re very busy – I’m impressed that you fit all this in around your kids as well! Do get in touch.

    • Hi Isabel, thank you very much. I’m lucky to have a garden big enough so no long trips to the allotment. And growing veg for the girls is motivation enough, just to see them cramming in fresh veg that was attached to a plant a few minutes earlier is a great joy!

  9. Good to find your site after clicking on a comment you left on mine.

    I’ll be back………..

  10. Morning

    Trying to unsubscribe with this email, having already subcribed using my new email (as per my own blog). Can’t find a way to change subscription addresses.



    • Hi Richard, I’m not sure what to do as I have only subscribed to WordPress blogs via email and I manage these through my wordpress homepage. The rest are either managed through my blogger homepage, iGoogle homepage or feeds. Can you unsubscribe totally and then start again? Sorry not very helpful I’m sure – bit of tech dunce with these sort of things!

  11. Hi Damo, I found your blog from your comments to soilman and I am very impressed with your down to earth approach , good idea’s and humour . I look forward to checking your progress throughout the year .


  12. Hi,

    I wanted to email you in regards in any possible advertising opportunities you may have with your website…I would be very interested in working something out with you if you have anything at the moment. I’m looking to earn support for a national cause and get visibility for the “plant 1 billion trees” project which Andrew Liveris and the Nature Conservancy have partnered up on for people to donate $1 to. Let me know if you would be interested at all in supporting this cause. I look forward to talking to you soon!


  13. Hey Damo!
    I love your project! I am hoping to start one soon so I will get loads of info from this blog! Thanks so much for your time uploading all this info!

  14. Hi Damo,

    I’m Andrew from the Dobbies Gardening blog.

    We’ve written a post called “Great gardening blogs of Britain”, which includes ‘Two chances veg plot blog’. You can read the full article here:


    We hope you are happy to be included in our post, but if you require any changes please let us know.

    All the best


  15. Hi Damo, I commented on your blog last year and you told me you were going to Brittany. How did it go and which part did you visit? Glad to see you are still at it. I had to take a break but l have resumed my blog this week and have every intention of seeing it through to the end…if there is one! Have a great weekend. Trevor.

    • Hi Trevor, nice to hear from you again. We had a lovely time thankyou. We stayed in an old farmhouse about 20 minutes inland from Lorient and covered the area from Vannes to Quimper. Great weather, wonderful food, fantastic scenery, beaches etc. We loved it. Moving a bit further south this year between La Rochelle and Royan. Good luck with your blog and have a great weekend too!

  16. Pingback: Netting « Two Chances Veg Plot Blog

  17. Hi Damo! Just came across your blog – it’s great – nice one! Found it while researching as am considering starting one myself on the same subject as I have an allottment in Harnham. Hope you and Rach are well – lovely sprogs too! Peas and Veg, Jonny T.

    • Hi Jon thanks very much, we’re very well thank you. You’ve got the veg growing bug as well. Let me know how you get on with the blog. Damo.

  18. Hello Damo! Love your blog and would like to ask permission to use your image of your runner beans? I have a small family company selling seeds in Finland. http://www.villiniitty.fi What do you think… would that be ok? Best regards Else Leivo

  19. Hi,
    I’m giving a talk to our gardening society (Chew Valley Gardening Society near Bristol) on Growing for Showing. Can I use some images of drainpipes and long veg off your blog please? I will put an acknowledgement on the slides?

  20. Hi, I work for Roraima Nursery, Australia and was wondering if you would allow me to use your image of the mahonia you have in flower for our quarterly newsletter where I have a description of the plant but require an image of a mature flowering plant?

  21. Hi there, pleased to meet a fellow raised bed gardener! Really like your blog. You’ve got a new follower 🙂

  22. Hello,

    Restoration Seeds is an open pollinated seed company supporting family farmers. I am looking for additional photography for our store for Burpees Golden beet. You have a nice photo below and I wanted to ask permission to use it with attribution credit back to you. Thanks in advance, let us know either way.



    Chuck Burr
    Restoration Seeds
    PS: email me and I will get you a thank you coupon code.

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